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For more free salsa dance lessons visit our website: . Learn salsa dance steps and moves for free! In this salsa dancing lesson we …


AppleQiss ELF says:

great video ! thank you so much, it help me for a school art exam kkk~ 

desertjose says:

please please teach this and copa bounce on 1!!!

Nicolas laverde peña says:

u can go to my channel and watch my salsa dancing videos

trailingdot says:

I dance on 2. I would like to see the on 1 and on 2 videos seperated. I get confused when I watch the on 1 part. How about that? Thanks for all you great videos!

uzair1578 says:

Hi there, have you considered “FlamaDance” (google it)? There you can watch a great free video demonstrating the right way to dance Tango, Waltz, Jive, Salsa, Rhumba, Cha Cha, Samba, FoxTrot. This is the way Tami learned to dance like a star very quickly and so even get slimmer. It might work for you as well.

HowToDanceForMen says:

Pretty funky, I like it…

buzzcity01 says:

forgive my numerical ignorance but for Salsa on 2, the movement here is starting on the 1 count with the left foot, the same as he would be doing if he was dancing Salsa on 1. Other than the 1 going backward instead of forward, what’s the big difference and why? How exactly is On2 more advanced or more difficult than On1?


I like the teaching on 2, Thanks

Frank G says:

deberias de hacer mas videos en español

Cave Man says:

How can you dance with her and not grab her ass? Gesh it is asking for a squeezing! 😛

Phil G says:

Cross barly lead. Hahahaha

jubyvera662 says:

nice addicted 2 salsa .

n8oog says:

I disagree .. I’ve been dancing salsa for about 5 years now, and mainly dance on2 and I still love these “simple things” video’s .. they’re great to grab bits and pieces from it to us in your own dance. But indeed as what 1latinoguy asks and Anthony replies on, it’s better to explain on1 and a quick on2 at the end, to reach a broader public with these video’s. Anyway, keep up the awesome work Anthony!!

roflastc says:

3.27… Pause.. Printscreen… 

oberstmueller says:

The song is “La Soledad” by Jimmy Bosch, perhaps the greatest of all salsa songs.
Also, it would look lame if danced on 1 since it’s a perfect on 2 song (and a perfect song).
On 1 is mostly good for whiny romantic salsa only.
Anthony, thanks for the excellent videos.

xion2058 says:

Love the videos on2 man. Keep em coming!

salsakenn says:

U pic good songs 2 teach2..Can U name that song

leo03737 says:

I love salsa but I’m shorty how I can have some free clases and w’ll like tí dance con ella

landry209 says:

what shoes are thoes?????

cziffra1994 says:

damn, she’s so sexy…

MickeyMouse37 says:

It’s funny to see how everybody freaks out when the count is on 2! 😛

djdancegeek says:

Brilliant. And so obvious now that I think about it. *face palm* Thanks 🙂

knowledgept2 says:

Who knew the on1 dancers would be so up in arms about this. You can play with the music more when on2.

MrWildbill20056 says:

Turn the music down, count it yourself on1, hey presto it’s on1. Relax!

Further on2 people do use videos too 😛


damn didnt think that many people would lose it cuz your not on one! lol. great vids keep it up!

MrTresto says:

actually the mechanics are slightly different on2 (at least in ET2 as here. P2 is about the same one beat later). In the big picture it does work out about the same though. All moves can be converted back and forward on1/on2, but some moves that feel great on1 will be awful on2 and vice versa. For this particular pattern and actually most of the stuff A2S teaches it’s equally good on1 and on2.

apersaud says:

We will. Don’t worry. Just wanted to teach in my natural ‘salsa language’ for a bit. 😉

apabon1968 says:

Thank you for finally teaching a pattern on 2.. it so much more exciting that on 1.

apersaud says:

When we recorded the on1 counts at the end, they ended up without sound (had microphone issues during filming some of the episodes where we are wearing similar clothing). Therefore I decided not to include the section (on1 counts) given that there is no audio track.

saygen82 says:

Most dancers I come across, if they can dance on 2, don’t bother with tutorials like this one. Most of us that dance on 1 rely heavily on people like Anthony. If it’s all the same, why not teach it on 1?

1latinoguy says:

What is the deal with teaching on 2? I think you should go back to 1 or teach both….

vero9424 says:

It’s great!

apersaud says:

Thank you for helping put it in perspective. 🙂

aantonis says:

For those that want it on 1 right now.. (BTW, I prefer that too)…..Watch the video with the sound muted so Anthony’s count doesn’t confuse you, you ll see that it is exactly the same thing…. The mechanics (as he said) are the same, where you step in relation to the music played is what changes…

IFall01 says:

When you used to teach the move ‘on 1’ you would run through the move ‘on 2’ at the end of the video. Is it possible to do the same with an ‘on 1’ example with the new videos?

Gabriel Alejandro Garcia says:

Antony, please, teach it on One1 !!!

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