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In this salsa dance lesson video, Anthony Persaud and Julie Merrill (addicted2salsa) teach you the reverse around the world salsa dancing move combination. T…


GO3sLOW6Pk says:


cujopujo28yahoocom says:

I’m taking some Salsa Class course I love Salsa, and I’m always checking out your videos because I love the way you explain the steps and the Ladies that help you with the class r good tutors, so for those ignorant who criticizes your videos go to a a school and stop criticizing other people that what they r really doing is helping you with your step. I Addicted to Salsa. God Bless your and keep up the good work!!!

msihli linda says:

please the name of the song !! 🙂

Leomar Sevilla Panogan says:

thats my fvorito dance

Dulce Marquez says:

you so much! btw what is the name of the beginning instrumental song? 🙂

Dulce Marquez says:

Amazing tutorial! thnk uou

pinksparklebow says:

Julie looks like Lisa kudrow , Phoebe from friends

Skylighteningblue1 says:

this video was a, good way to teach, how people to do the salsa dance.

daneezie says:

yaaaay love Julie’s styling section!!

Majolica Sequeira says:

oh man…i want to dance with u…:(

Tom Cho says:

you guys are fantastic!! keep up the good work

felipe10011 says:

yeah men…. good steps 🙂
I love salsa..
SALCELIA presente…

XhunterXneoX10 says:

are they doing it really slowly on purpose in the beginning

3mooi says:

muy facil

srkajolfan1 says:

– Haha! Wow! That’s hilarious. I guess it’s getting easier and easier to make your own music and make it sound good. 🙂 He performed at LA Salsa Congress this past weekend btw. Were you there?

Oh and where do I find your version on your website? Thanks!

apersaud says:

You can download it for free from our website. It is made with the “Magic Garageband” feature from the “Garageband” application that comes free with every Mac computer. Enjoy!

apersaud says:

Actually it’s not. Both songs (this one and Edwin’s) are from using the “Magic Band” feature on Garageband which comes free with every Mac computer. You can make your own!

TheLordGoko says:

I am watching all of your videos, thanks a lot for these videos, they are very very useful, u and your partner, both of you great 😉

srkajolfan1 says:

– It’s called Beautiful by Edwin Rivera on his album Soul of A Dancer. Amazing song! 🙂

TheCorreia says:

Hey it is possible to dance this move on1?

dushansumeda says:

Think about your marriage and get a trusted women

einelam1 says:

your videos are amazing!!! very good the explanation!!!

niazdear says:

anyone knows the jazz music they play in the starting of this video……..whn they show addicted to salsa logo…..?

petter483 says:

Do they dance On1 or On2?

lonewolf2o88 says:

Fantastic - always been a fan!!!!

tuchitochi says:

Oliver is my teacher in one of his classes…we were just doing a combo a bit like that last week !

abdellah EL Ouardighi says:

Great job , no doubt, keep it up guys ,we love you.

dancom69 says:

i like this one!!

Kike Bó says:

You have many admirers in Spanish, and I would like you to think about your explanations translated into Castilian, thousands of people will be eternally grateful.
Teneis muchos admiradores en español, y me gustaría que pensárais en traducir al castellano vuestras explicaciones, miles de personas os quedaríamos eternamente agradecidos.

Ant O says:

awesome combo, thanks and keep up the great work!

airbrat says:

sick combo! keep it up guys! 🙂

p0sta says:

YEAH!!! wicked combo =D

apersaud says:

We had published this video on our website back in December, but did not publish it on youtube until now. 😉

Hélio Andrade says:

thanks, i’m a fan already!

ish1625 says:

wow.. feels like its been ages since the last post… and new trick… thanks

ManasturNights says:

Great! 🙂

MichaelHenrySays says:

Always helpful =)

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