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A ex. dançarina do mc créu, na academia esbanjando sua abundancia.


Nanna Banna says:

and you are dirty enough to watch this i guess..?

Nanna Banna says:

It’s culture, bitch..

KlNGBERT0 says:

The beat is perfect for when i doggystyle me fleshlight , thumbsup^_^

oldstock1607 says:

They’re Brazilian. These kids have probably been having sex for years.

mosaxmolove says:

She is beautiful.

sarahm415 says:

Dam. There are little kids in the back.
But you gotta admit she has a nice ass.
I need to practice that Creu Dance now…

João Pedro Estrelinha says:

Vai dancar mal assim la nas cucuias!


tu es boa agora a danca e merda

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