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Leigh Ann is bearing her heart in this video… Hope you all enjoy the show. Come check out Leigh Ann and biggest show in Pole Dancing Jan 26 2013 in downtow…


PoiBreaker says:

To the fap cave 😀

Patrícia Leite says:

lindaaaaaaaaaaa,nota 1.000

marieATanne says:

love the song girl you really good dancer marieATanne

likenike257 says:

wow killer shoes ^.^

ReelFocusOfficial says:

Liked, subbed and added to playlists, plus invited to our soft-launch April 26th. Details are on my channel. Cheers!

mymysticallwaters says:

I watched this on heavy metal music though

mymysticallwaters says:

hooollyyy shit….she’s fucking intoxicating

TheShawdowsniper says:

yeah damn you guys this is nothing. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything get a load of this:

JoannaJohanita says:

she is amazing love her dancing … but heels looks scary , her legs look weird with them

Irving Moran says:

oh my god, ok usually im quiet and calm but jesus christ i could not shut up for three and a half minutes, girl you can stick me in your purse and use me anytime

Rachelmayfree says:

that girl is in such great physical shape it is absolutely unbelievable she is incredible

ashley walker says:

so gonna do this she is goood

Shreya Arora says:

i cnt see this video on phn

DarthEpic says:

It was a joke, in case you didn’t notice. For the record, some of the movements she is doing are easier when you are on tip toe/wearing heals. Also, sport or not, she is also preforming, not in a class.

Lisa H says:


Oliver godoy says:

muy bueno

clayscomedycorner says:

good timing to the music and brill performance

Charles Lott says:

You are a great athlete I salute you. They gotta find a way to tip dancer in the club in a classy way. A check like a feature. Isn’t every woman a feature?

oonvaaniiihana says:

We are bare foot in my classes. And yes, it works better, because we are doing a sport, not an erotic show.

DarthEpic says:

You try pole dancing in running shoes, see how well it works for you 😛

oonvaaniiihana says:

emmm.. why she is wearing stripper shoes?

id104335409 says:

Those windows are reflective, aren’t they..

lilmeeper123 says:

Hehe too true

Balendula says:

She makes it look so easy.

252mystery says:

the skin helps gripping on the pole.

sakab x says:

Facebook : Herbalife bruxelles

Eric Wilcox says:

How does this video not have 10 million views? This is what pole dancing is supposed to look like. Great job!

Kristin Dunn says:

Unfortunately, in order to get the grip on the pole we need to wear very little - legs so that the thighs can grip and on top so the skin around the waist and arms can grip. Clothes are just too slippery.

twittspiral says:

consider wearing more clothes, or is that part of the standards?

superstarfriday says:

so flexable

h00pr says:

omg if you play lana del reys song burning desire it fucking flows so perfectlyyyy. i love muting my fav vids and playing other music just to see what it looks like and omg. yeah.

Gianna Daniels says:

are you gay

Hm S says:

yes it is.

Neven Djokic says:


luciane6283 says:

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Hammad Khalid says:

Dick: Move to next sexy video

POEoeta says:

this is only an amateur dancer … a few stories!

wanakin7 says:

Definition of Beautifull

hasindu liyanage says:

just………………. AWESOME!

GODSLAY666 says:

i’m in love

Elise Mariolis says:

I think part of the advantage is that you dont have to walk in them while your on the pole lol

care2much2 says:

That’s it. When I’m married Im joining a pole dance club. Looks fun and sexy =)

gabbyfreakinzombie says:

fucking sexy

lilmeeper123 says:

Wow!! I cant even walk in shoes like that let alone all that other amazing stuff!!!

aherrns says:

She can do all that.. in stilettos.

Rhadell Smith says:

she was the worst. i was goin to do that but she have the pole where the sun dont shine.

Rhadell Smith says:

she was the worst. u see she shoes. she should dead.

LoVeSiMeR98 says:

said no guy ever

mejislasher says:

This girls power level is way beyond mine

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