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Free salsa dance video lesson to help keep you engaged in salsa dancing at the night club or salsa socials. Julie will show you some good fashion Ladies Styl…


ilovelani69 says:

Hey! What do you have against the number 4! 🙁

Brandon Mccants says:

1 2 3 5 6 7

overbling says:

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donysalsa says:

look this video: en cali si sabemos bailar

shineforyou89 says:

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blacklovely7 says:

How to subscribe ? Do u have a channel anthony plz?

g00dguyforyou says:

i dont know how to dance salsa but i try moving to the music.

bloodganas says:

Maldita sea, yo siendo colombiano no se bailar salsa ……no naci con ese don :(

Xiao Teaspoon says:

I’m confused on that too! How do you know to turn so far???

Lou Rosiers says:

one …1 2 3… 5 6 7? where is the 4?? no no nomstart again! I’m lost xD

dushansumeda says:

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helikanimukty says:

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kayla26762 says:

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amrelnezamy1 says:


aoem77 says:

Buena combinación.

Paolo Dondini says:

Oggi abbiamo guardato questo video di ballo. Stiamo mangiando. Questo ballo è bellissimo. Un saluto da Dario e Paolo.

andreygrinkevich says:

the woman sucks …. ;d

skittleicklet says:

Awesome Video! =]

WeaselGregor says:

Great combo…definetly the best salsa teachers on utube 😉

jorgitoz28 says:

my friend, some move or pattern you have to practice with the lady. This is one of them.

cosmictrue says:

Julie is so sexy … especially in these red shoes … grrrrrr smoked!

apersaud says:

We are not professional salsa dancers. We make these videos as a hobby. We do accept donations ;-)

MatiasTercero30 says:

Wow, that was really good. I can definitely tell you both are professional salsa dancers. That move is intricate and sexy. I want to learn to dance, but I have no rhythm. ahh well, I like watching you guys..keep it up…

gruntwifey says:

I get lost with all the counting..

younes727 says:

OMG u call that sexy,pff!!
its natural that most girls find men sexy while his dancing for the way how they move ,and especialy salsa,same thing for boys. but that guy is defenitly not sexy.probebly you are stressed lolz,and u need some quality time with your man

rosyhappyalways says:

OMG… I will have test for salsa dance….

KiddoCat says:

What a sexy man!! Oo

jackarpov says:

i love you julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

testinutube says:

It makes me even more glad now, as I can finally say I’ve contributed something to a2s ;-P.

dancom69 says:

Keep up the great job!

apersaud says:

hahah – ‘Wake Up In The Morning’ – I like that name too :-) never thought about it that way.

testinutube says:

I love those nifty little thingies people come up with to alternate good old moves just to make things more interesting and fresh again :-). Great hand drop before the wake-up-in-the-morning (or rainbow, as you call it 🙂 )! Again, I just can’t help saying how happy I am you guys are back on track with delivering fresh vids!

Salsera Castro says:

OMG I love this one! It does seem a wee bit harder but if the leader the frame is strong it will be easy to follow! Great job Anthony and Julie!

TheFockerizer says:

damn it this is soo hard!!

mjamerson81 says:

luv it

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