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The Ladies from Flirty Girl Fitness stopped by to help you Ladies out for V-Day.


bugamuffin94 says:

This video was the perfect thing to give me the nerve to dance for my man. We’ve been together 5 months now and I’ve always been too shy to do stuff like this. I never did it for anyone before. I love how when she first started how she said if your shy start begind the chair. Makes a lot of sence. Hopefully I can do this for him when he gets off work today:) and omg! She wore very respectful clothing! And it was still sexy! Haha we still have some good left in the world!!

Queen Edith says:

I LOVE this!! This is awesome, I feel like I can actually do this to give my man a simple, but sexy lap dance. Good enough for me! 😀

MsDreamer923 says:

the fuck did i just watch.

lily stinson says:

i think the song is called sexual healing

Jasmine Culling says:

Can someone please inform me of what song it is?

EllianSangria says:

That my favorite song. c; It a good song to set in the mood and give a good lapdance.

Davida Woods says:

He is gonna love this 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!

053femke says:

Do someone know which song it is on the background?

8Splendiferous8 says:

haha, her name…is chastity.

rockingiga23 says:

ThanQ thanQ sooooo much.. 3 u for this

almarv1911 says:

I’ve done a lap dance its pretty easy I recommend to put ur fav music cuzz if not its gonna be weird don’t srry girls

Cameron Sterling says:

I think I’ll be able to do this but the moves are too simple:/

Kisstin Lange says:

ladies, no matter how well you do, hell love every second of it because not many women are willing to put themselves out there n do it. its for him and hes with you for a reason and that reason is you, so dont sweat it. 🙂 maybe ask him what he likes. give him a LITTLE control but not too much because you may feel entitled to do it THAT way. just have fun with it.

irkitkat50 says:

Ok I no u made this video like 2 years ago but lol I really need help getting outta my shell and having the courage to move like that

kazumisan071 says:

lol great tips,may take a bit to get out of my shell but i can definatlydo this for him

Nikki Cullins says:

I love it ! Can you do a tutorial with Beyonce song Dance for You? THis is my first Lap dance. I cheered in school but im so skeptical abt doing a good lap dance…im anxious and nervous at the same time.

Marrrianne says:

i find that it’s rather hard to imagine how I’m supposed to do a few of your moves when you’re not giving the example on a real man…

maritzy24 says:

Awesome, thanks for the tips, I’ve never done this before and I want to surprise my man with a sexy lap dance, hope he enjoys it, ladies wish me luck!

Sonaam Singh says:

that wasa awesome but i dont knw if i can be as good!!

Bailey Gomez says:

I’m doing this for my BF on valentines day this year, im really nervous because this is my first lapdance. (well, considering I’m 15 that shouldnt be too shocking) but since he’s 18 I’m worried that I won’t do it as good as another girl he may have been with.

Robbie Benita says:

Oh yeah!!!! I can’t wait!!! I did this before and trust me it was so fun!!!! ha ha Thanks for the tips.

Dana Natto says:

My man is gonna love this..Thank you so much for the tips..You are great!!:D

CateysBeauty says:

thanks for the tips this vday is going to be my first lap dance i give sober lol

BabyRicaxO says:

You would be a lot more comfortable with putting him on a sofa/couch instead of a scrawny chair. In fact, couches are soo much better to lap dance on for that exact reason and the girl can easily gain more stability, and can stand on the couch next to him to get your midsection veryv near his face. Good luck!! xx LaBellaVitax0x .blogspot . com

Amanda Moore says:

Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

Tiffybabe18 says:

What if they have nothing to show off? Lol

amfolgate says:

maybe you could just put on a show for him…

amfolgate says:


slaale says:


LaurynAndMaddie says:


seruny jay says:

hahaha.. god bless your heart you made me literally lol <3

Voxgia says:

hahahaha..u just made my day…

monidanielle says:

Lol. Did this girl just say educational?!

MovingT5 says:

starve him for a few months then it will work

angelgirl9948 says:

Great how to. Thank you for dressing modestly and just making it educational.

Chichi uba says:


anwaraaka says:

It is a normal lap dance.. like any lap dance we have seen it,,,, but there is no creative moves U did….. it is like A B C of lap dance no additions at all…. I hope if U have an addition in next lap dance on youtube. I wish if U accept that comments.. this is my point of view

Olivia Wilde says:

What is the song!?

Simplyy Questionably says:

Where was the Lap in the Dance?

Mckinzie Hill says:

This would be one boring ass lap dance hana

Tiffaney haenel says:

Sweet love, chris browm

puro sureno says:

thank u

Shon9tilR says:

Giving a lap dance is easy lol

graciegirl821 says:

the irony that her name is Chastity and she’s giving tips on something that will most definitely get a girl laid…

hanna adjei says:


Ace Mcknight says:

thanks 🙂

28bellafull says:

Akon and Snoop Dogg’s ‘I wanna love you’

zsazsa7000 says:


Ace Mcknight says:

what song that can be suited in lap dance? could you give me a title of a song that suits the lap dance ??

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