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Learn to belly dance: How to do a choo choo shimmy (Traveling Turkish shimmy). Get more FREE bellydance classes online


Ray Camargos says:

the best teacher, your explain is perfect.

DearMeNoUserName says:

I love your tutorials. You’re the best at explaining and just teaching everything. Amazing 🙂

imaginecreatebe says:

Thank you so much for posting this video! It never looked quite right on me, and this explained where the movement comes from perfectly 🙂

Andrea B. says:

This has got to be the best video/explanation i have come across yet to master this movement…thank u, thank u, thank u!!!!!

TheMisslulugirl76 says:

I love this shimmy. I just learnt it in class today. You are really good at it! Thanks 🙂

alexmami2 says:

the choo choo shimmy is going to be a bit of a challenge with my knee injury i think but i’m going to get this!…i love your videos, sometimes i catch myself staring at your hair more then the technique!…LOL LOVE THE BIG HAIR/CURLS

Byanka Lowess says:

I love ur sense of humor, lovely girl!

Tatsuyoujo says:

She’s amazing! I don’t feel like this is a move that I’ll like, but watching her do it is great! She’s a serious pro!

emilymakayla7 says:


ihatethisthingsovery says:

I love the way u explain things leaving no question or doubt!! Thanks ur videos are super helpful ur amazing at what u do!!

Mushokabanji Imonda says:

i love how u explain in details

rajivchhabra80 says:

can u plz answers my this ques that can i dance like you, being a boy also… coz i m a boy nd want to be a belly dancer…

rajivchhabra80 says:

u r so amazing… my new role model nd my new belly dance teacher…. thnx for posting this…


You`re the best teacher I`ve found so far!! Thank you for posting this!!

sandra mathews says:

thanks for posting

carina2244 says:

What a talent you have for dancing AND teaching! Thank you for so graciously sharing with the rest of us!

serenebean30 says:

Thank you so much for telling us what NOT to do! That helps just as much as explaining what to do….

kmegaloconomos says:

the way you use visual cues like the ‘dog’ feet is PERFECT for what I need to use to learn. you are fantastic for sharing so freely your skills Tiazza thank you 🙂 x

SarahKerroum says:

You are fantastic , a wonderful teacher its look very easy when you are doing it even its very hard actually ! Step by step , move by move really its very helpful , you should be proud ! And you’re Size just amazin :O How can u keep it like this ! Ure sucha funny and kind person keep goin
Lot of love from Morocco 🙂

rdflooringlough says:

What a fantastic set of videos you have which are helping me to learn how to belly dance Thank you!

theraincollector says:

My partner and I are working on a choreography with a section where I knew nothing but choo-choo would do. This is a fabulous tutorial, and thank you so much!

Jesse James says:

Thank you T.T This was so very helpful. Now I know how I’m suppose to shake.

RainbowTrial says:

I have looked everywhere for an explanation this good! Thank you so much!

BellydancerBiH says:

I’ve been looking like CRAZY for someone on youtube who actually knows this move and knows how to show how it’s done! THANK YOU 😀
Omg youre amazing!:)

VengeanceWhisper says:

I love that you are always so enthusiastic in your vids! Your vids are great, thank you for uploading them!

furtz68 says:

awesome awesome awesome!…..did i say it was awsome? 😀 gonna practice that right now!

rvsaid1989 says:

thanks for the tutorial, when i try this i find that my legs cant keep it up, i get too tired doing this, any tips or advice on how to get over this ?

Hano Harit says:

she looks so funny moving side to side haha i cant stop laughing

corycoro says:

thanks for explain a little more easy

Sandrine Anterrion says:

Great video, thanks for help…

JennieChan says:

Thank you so much for posting. the way you explain it makes it easier to break down and practice.

blemogirl88 says:

your vids are so helpful ive been triying to do this

BDances89 says:

Very good tutorial, Tiazza! Thank you for posting this. I will try this soon. 🙂
Have a wonderful day.

ElCordobes06 says:


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