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Nathyluuk says:

What song is this?

Lauren White says:

What song is this?

brianna acevodo says:

-.- TF this lady is like 40

Jasmine Mabande says:

Wow! I have to practice, lol.

Cammy Creed says:

Wow, ive been doing it wrong.. but my fiance feels it though. . yummy

Maya Howell says:

I so love you!!! Please come to australia gold coast!!
You are sexy beautiful!! Your an amazing teacher!!!

🙂 kind regards Maya

Anna greenfield says:

he was trying not to smile

aloosh firas says:

This guy must be GAy if he didnt have sex with her after this….

Beatriz T-M says:

very sexy =) def going to practice these movies

Александър Георгиев says:

why i cant see this video ?

jennimedic says:

what music is this – i work at a strip club i would love to use it

kelly901488 says:

She did well.

raghayasmae says:

Thanks man, it really went with the routine perfectly ! I’m doing this for my husband lol If you have any other songs to suggest, feel free to do it!
Peace out from Morocco

Bonnie Johnson says:

Loved this, I have been playing cream by prince and the routine goes perfect with that song

Stephanie Love says:

She’s still got it going on!

HardstyleShuffler191 says:

That’s sad that looks like the guys wife cause she looks extremely old to be a lap dancer

Jessie Shores says:

think oyu could do better then show me not later now

cheerio cook says:

umm sorry blondie.. i thought you had to have a body to do a lap dance o.o

honey badger says:

fap fap fap

Kisstin Lange says:

hahaha hes trying to be all serious.

Elydeaddoll says:

Hopefully I won’t kill myself getting up on the chair like that XD

Selina Niesten says:

🙂 leuk dansje

amusement420 says:

They have a course on this at the community college

irhjma30000 says:

why does our society talk about any woman over 35 like she’s a decrepit elderly person?! there is not a single thing that is shocking or abnormal about a 40 something woman who is sexy….

Larissa Nascimento says:

Please…what is the name of this song ?

Rebirth Cross says:

either they are husband and wife OR this is just a friend gig.. they do have a chemistry and yes, the woman has a great body, she must have done a lot of dance work-out per day

Shelby Steer says:

woww!!! that’s the best lap dance ive ever seen!!! plus she’s better than me

SRospieler says:

oh yeah i recognized much later that she could have broken the later 30s already. i d definately fuck her she has a great body and knows what she is doing. other females could learn a lot from her.

Julia Charl says:

Perhaps THE sexiest dance I’ve ever seen. The dance, the chick, and I loved that skirt! I wish all chicks would wear skirts like that and dance for their man.

1najah says:

What’s going on with his hair? The more she dances the more it turns into an afro.

eleni kleopatra says:

does anybody know that song?

OhNoSweets says:

This is the best lap dance routine I’ve seen on youtube! Classy yet sensual. Not trashy or awkward. Bravo, love this! Hoping to learn it by Vday 😉

Kariny Lima says:

Muito bom!

RedAces93 says:

I’ma use this as reference to give my man a dance XD I’m good at dancing…. just not on laps XD

NuclearPowerPunch says:

That guy must have a hell of self controll or a very tiny dick.

Scarlet Queen says:

powerful stuff. and deadly too

MrBusinessidea says:

I have to say true beauty. She is so graceful.

Payton Barker says:

2:17 . Ok, what the fuck? How do you not get a boner..

withswagger4ever says:

he keep on staring at the ass

tahmida37 says:

that guy has a vagina

Kudlaty Przyjaciel says:

NEVER wear jeans in that situation, show her that you like that dance, she’ll appreciate it 😀

MrsZombiePoptart says:

Damn. I think I’d have to take up yoga for some of the things in that.

Kween Doxy says:

Oh no she did not just do a flip, she is a bad mama jamma!!!

Antonio Innocente says:

I think every girl should learn it.

courtneymac17 says:

best strip tease tutorial ive actually seen!

OezkanOOOO says:

you’re ugly
you look like a shimp

mzboogirl says:

She did her thing tho.. for her to be like 40 years old & to have such a nice body.
I give her credit.

Mariluz Arango says:

What is the name of the song in this video… or what another song you recommend for this routine….!!! thanks…

gizmoluver2010 says:

He has a fucking boner 0_0

Ann-Michelle Hult says:

Well, I would love to do that on my boyfriend!

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