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dancing to dance for you by beyonce.


Staqqx Mendez says:

@lajala sweetheart that is awesome for you now go try and try to out do a boss

dboy Jones says:

I envy u dude ..she is damn fine

jakiamoore32 says:

Lol this good

jmlovelace2012 says:

Butt all in the camera lol cute tho

lajala donley says:

Can do it better

joshuabeasley3 says:

He fuck the shut out of her after that

joshuabeasley3 says:

Lucky ass basterd

lenexmyerd says:

Staqqx yall fuck rite

PriscillaTorres9 says:

that was actually sexy

Staqqx Mendez says:

Wat I’m not white wat u talkin bout

rockiee00 says:

That was uncalled for. You look like a bum who puts people down just to raise your self up. Take some advice an stop watching degrading T.V. -# you don’t know sh*t!!!

jackie maynor says:

Not all white girls can’t dance . But this one hell nawl.

Monalisa M. S. Pereira says:

sexy =)

Kenneth Williams says:

Man! That’s really all I can say. Very nice.

rin248 says:

Work it girl. 🙂

anyae jones says:

Yea they fucked alright

anyae jones says:

Yup they fucked…………

Eddie Bermudez says:

They fucked right when they turned that camera off

treysongz994 says:

@Keykeeona rite I bet they did fuck after this video

Sheridan Waters says:


Ricky Pignato says:

Thanks to rap music videos this is what I feel happens in every black persons home along with smoking a Lot of weed and wearing oversized necklaces that cost more then there car

myathornton5 says:

U rude

medmonson70 says:

Work bitch!!! Sexy and not ratchett

chrysmania says:

Where yo candles at?!?!?!?!?

oda82 says:


Keykeeona says:

Yall Know Yall Fucked After this Video

DaniggajoseAve says:

Damm u got a but

amangual52 says:

She not even that cute . Boy get a cute girl 😡 sowiee .

Staqqx Mendez says:

I know dats y he my man

Staqqx Mendez says:

wats dat mean

prettynene51 says:

Hell naw

Ivelina Petcova says:

ha not bad but you know this is youtube you can do much better. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you go here:

lachave11 says:


Asia Mack says:

2 thumbs up rhe both of u did good

TendaiKam95 says:

Some of the faces he pulled haha

MOMifCkNBEBEh says:

mmm he sexy asf

MrssLovely808 says:

Yesss Girlahhhh

seangilliam11 says:

She bomb af i’d give her allat

Kimbruhlee Spitt says:

<3333 deeyam :D

Fernando Burgos says:

Excelente, doy 9.5/10

st36969 says:

Nice Yo

sayes3000 says:


mzimba1963 says:

Like Pac said, can you get away,ur Babe won’t mind

Staqqx Mendez says:

wat why would you say dat


that is 1 lucky sum bitch. I am so got damn envious right now.

opinionG Ooo-wee says:

Yo MAN is ” FUCK BOI ” Heard he was GAY——) OPINIONGUY2011 com

atheletecal says:

gush! cant lie am jealous

librio73 says:

Once again, i love it. You’re awesome and sexy as hell. 🙂

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