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2006 LA Salsa Congress.


zoodyy93 says:

you how ALIVE she must feel, salsa dancing is soooo much fun!

princeandrey says:

Much too choreographed/exhibitionistic!

Josh Ehinger says:

I feel as though I just witnessed…. A salsa gang bang.

angrychocolate3 says:

i like thus video

MrRizikoo says:

Best dancer is the woman for sure :)

Dan Leos Jr. says:

Just feel the music y baila el chinchorro

manolo946 says:

The second guy is Cristian Oviedo, right?

user7897 says:

who is the chick? is it Erica Caliente?

n8oog says:

attitude dancing is so 2007 ..

jochaxbu says:

i didn´t recognise cristian oviedo at first…

8soganster says:

pinche huebones todos se cambiaron menos ella….

Kathy Sifuentes says:

bla, bla, bla.. bailan bien ustedes toditios bailen a ver si pueden mucho ingles y toda la  cosa mejor si hablan español no pierdan sus raices carajo… somos hispanos carajoooooooooooooooo…. viva la salsa hijoe pucha….. no pierdan ni la salsa ni el español.. y dejen la wuebada de juzgar si no estan bailando caray!!!!

MrChange31 says:

one of these day… I am gonna head to a congress >.< ~ Change

alvshill says:

Loved it!

easy2salsa says:

thank you very much for sharing this with us : )

road375 says:

Really bad dancing on this video.

user7897 says:

we need more women to dance with!

DestinationKONA says:

Hey, it’s called social dancing for a reason, a whole bunch of guys are dancing with one chick one after another. And what’s wrong with being a little competitive?It looks nice, they all seem to enjoy what they are doing and that’s what counts. If you don’t like fast spins and dynamical dancing try cuban style, LA is for show, so I really understand these guys. Keep it going and have fun!!

Tyson Hill says:

my eyez are still spinning by watching this vid, but i understand its a LA thing ?? i like to feel and enjoy the music also when dancing

rico suave says:

thanks stork12 for the answear

sotork12 says:


rico suave says:

song name?

machismo811 says:

@psyconautica i agree with you it looks nice but its nothing but turns and there not feeling the music i am on 1 dancer to when im dancing salsa i like to feel the music and look good doing it but i dont see that here.

psyconautica says:

– I’m primarily an On 1 dancer and I know what are the kinds of salsa that exist around the world.. and I know what fun is, thank you very much,
I know fun when I see it or dance it.. Most of Magna Gopal’s social dancing videos are fun.. the above video is the opposite of, don’t try to convince me otherwise

toscanis1007 says:

for some people and for girl it is fun.

Salsa isnt only cuban. it is NY LA Cali and etc.

blackberriespr says:

The birthday thing is true. But so is all the other comments I’ve read here. Specifically LA Social dancing scene is not enjoyable, you see that everybody is doing the same spins combinations and the same freestyles steps. I have not seen innovation or originality for that matter. To me most social dancer are either over sexed or too fake and set in the way they got trained. It’s only my opinion based on what I’ve seen so far in the six months that i’ve been here. CAN ANYBODY PROVE ME WRONG?!?!?

psyconautica says:

It is ok to dance like this but only if it is in the right way. Here, I think that the lady is just used as a prop by the men and nothing more. They are not giving her enough time to complete her styling and they only want to prove their point that they are good dancers. Notice closely, the lady is try hard to smile and I’m not sure if she is actually enjoying it.

psyconautica says:

– I do dance and not just sit and pass comments. Envy – no. I know what I can do and what I cannot. The Salsa culture around the world is different from country to country. I come from a place where dancers enjoy social dancing and not dance to prove a point. We do compete in competitions and have fun while social dancing

toscanis1007 says:

envy? try dasnce like this, not sit and write not good commentaqre

toscanis1007 says:


Vonz001 says:

She gettin salsa Raped

ShakaZuluGomez says:

to many light skinned ppl have been puttin they salsa stuff out when it was started by africans yall have lost touch of the foot work have fun dont get dizzy wtf

ShakaZuluGomez says:

to many fukkin turns wtf

r3b1LLi0n says:

This chick may have a birthday. I think it’s some kind of a tradition when a girl has a birthday to dance with all boys (they pick her up) and when a male has a birthday it’s the same but with girls shanding around and he picks them up.
Correct me if I’m wrong.

Kenny Pena says:

salsa gangbang!!!

daapgirl says:

lucky girl…you would think it’s her birthday being passed around like that :)

sotork12 says:


mihazgen says:

who are the 2d and the 3d guys? thanx!

kevlarbing says:

Soy Profesional by Justo Betancourt. If you can find it, good luck and let me know. I’ve been looking for this for almost a year.

irving gomez says:

Song pleace ? como se llama la cancion ?

Unique21ization says:

(continuation)I think a part of what the salsa community is lacking is the ability to make Constructive Criticism. Which makes a lot of dancers give up on improving, while others take that as fuel to become better than you ever could imagine. Not only that, but when making comments, reflect on your Own dancing because if your dancing isn’t up to the “SHITE” you are talking, then the words have no reason to be written. 🙂

Unique21ization says:

A few of these dancers obviously arent LA dancers first of all and SHITE is spelled SHIT. lol. Yes they can improve on their body movement. But either way the point is that some of them truly enjoy dancing salsa even though you don’t think it shows.

Luis Laboy says:

Great dancers and in my view she shines as a dancer by switching form dancing on 2 to on 1 without batting an eye.

spiro01939 says:

In fact on 1 (LA style) is not suited to the music …

spiro01939 says:

Complete SHITE .. Mambo is the way to go !!

amanuelis says:

poor girl… she loves it though

johsymar campos says:


johsymar campos says:

hmm tienes razon, tu mujer se mueve mejor!

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