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Ivory Coast – Tribal Treats Invade Diaspora in Paris – Mapouka Booty Dance Live.


yasminapk says:

Satan sort

roccobrick says:

It was looking good until that stupid male appeared! Then he spoiled the whole video with his ridiculous comedic dancing!

Ilyumini says:

er, No

fallenempireoverdrve says:

stereotype much…?

EnidMarshaTandy says:

wow.. u can download the full video here [ bit .ly/UgjKQh ]

Herman Amissah says:

thanks i love this dance

Yvan Remy says:

I will like to fuck da bootis shit

leusse1 says:


99burra says:

yeah - these big-bottomed ol gals sure make me horny.
sexy !!!

djong9 says:

what a hell…….

BHBSTL says:

awwww HUSH!

BHBSTL says:

…..and who are these “TWERK TEAM” women you speak of?……

BlkKnt69 says:

Mé gusto mucho!nothing like an original.

xxjojozz says:

J’adore, ce vraiment très très chaude

wooddaddy says:

Dude did the dougie

wasenu says:

yeah thats more puss 4 me

SuperMystery31 says:

This is a SHAME FOR IVORY COAST>> MApouka is a traditional ivorian dance, not an exhibition for horny people pffffffffffffff

aymardopa says:

lollll el sont entrin de ternir limage de la cote divoiv triste

mapresh says:

African Woman are the best.
This video Rocks!!!! and is the Best!!!!
well done.

chochopav says:

m m m m..

Tackielemkwa KunZungo says:

This is so smooth. Watching these ladies dancing is really a treat…lovly rhythms and beautiful music. 

patrician360 says:

Black women all WOMAN.

jaimeAbidjan says:

Et de la deuxieme?

jaimeAbidjan says:

Quel est le nom de cette chanson? je cherche je ne trouve pas!

chrise9172 says:

this was good ….until Dude jumped in @4.40 making similar movements


Hi,i could help u with the dvd if you want

angy angyy says:

DESOLEEEEEE les filles , mais moi je ss IVOIRIENNE ET precisement de GRAND-LAHOU NOTRE DANS LE MAPOUKA NE SE DANSE PAS COMME SAAA ARRèTéééééé vos BETISEEEEEEEE Lààààà N’importe koi tchuuuuuuu

jojomax27 says:

jkiff les cul et la music

brunopower2 says:

where can i get this on DVD?

Ilyumini says:

at least we’re agreed on something…

DoomaceIsHere says:

African booties are awesome but you are a racist fuck

klekou77 says:

: t’as vraiment rien compris… mais bon pas grave

klekou77 says:

Tourdarg… t’as vraiment rien compris

MrVisionofafrica says:

i approve this video. it is good for you

Ilyumini says:

african women rock!!! they’re so thick, natural, fertile and healthy with rich solid asses and ripe tits; not like those augmented and synthetic whites…go mapouka booty!!!

Alekambel Alekambel says:

hello Africa peace for Ivory Coast , Abidjan, San Pedro, …

toksagbo says:

,vous avez raison!!

tourdarg says:

désolant, la femme n’est-elle donc qu’un fessier ! ! !
une femme rampante prête à la saillie ….dégradant

falgunitula says:

Thank you! Please tell me who sings the first track?

septanalginafecnil says:

fantastic music!!!!!!! wonderful ladies!!!!!

Mbeebeelove says:

love it! ♥

Tcherno Byl says:

we want more

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