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Ivory Coast – Traditional Aesthetic Booty Dance – Mapouka Mania VIII.


Tia Bron says:

is that so? 

Gustavus Bonner says:

Dance ladies

dramane36 says:

tres bonne la musique

dinkanikaka50 says:

Monsters assess


Shut the fuck up !

johnsontako says:

rhythmic @asses

Diarra Abu says:

very good moreeeeeeeeeeee



ninou2040 says:

But you did. LOL I’m happy you spared me yours.

ninou2040 says:

As I said earlier, stop taking it personal.Sharing an opinion has nothing to do with approving it foolishly.You gave yours and I gave mine based on what we both know.You were the only one misinterpreting ’cause you blatantly changed the way you sounded.It is no big deal. The only thing important is that we africans enjoy the music.Cheers!

ninou2040 says:

I didn’t attack you.You misinterpreted what I said and I’m not responsible for that.Sorry.

ninou2040 says:

It shouldn’t hurt you in the first place because we are just sharing opinions and I didn’t say the contrary giving that I was writing on ”my view”.

ninou2040 says:

Jealous for what? Please I’ve got better things to do in life.It may be ruling to your confort zone but not everywhere, especially french african countries.Let me enjoy th song instead of respondig to rubbish.tsuip. balok!

ninou2040 says:

There is no need to be a nigerian to speak my mind.I’m just saying according to what I’ve experienced.

Gary Homer says:

Vous etes malades

bohemichelle says:

“aiit, I’ll be standing in the back of your video, but I am not losing the bag” 

TheLaLasProductions says:

you can do it without a butt, it just wont look as good lol. this is actually very similar to belly dance shimmies.. all in the hips

beauty8033 says:


beauty8033 says:


xxrenesmee45xx says:

you can only do this if you have a butt XD

koryson2811 says:

yeah most diffinately its nice to see african women lookin shaped up and healthy.

ninou2040 says:

”i think Nigerien ppl r ruling now ” I guess you’re talking about nigerian song? if it’s the case, well my dear, nigerian music is listened yeah but is not ruling. 🙂

MiSSB3HAV3712 says:

My fav part of the video is 1:47 lol I cant stop watchin this video its AMAZING I wish I can do all of that

MiSSB3HAV3712 says:

I wish I understood what he was saying to make them shake like that? lol

but on the contrary I LOVE THIS SONG!!

grootfaam says:


LabeerehnGbanna says:

What else is a booty really good for? I just derive so much pleasure from looking at it. :D

tetao123 says:

fuck skinny women!!

mrgrosspiol says:

you right

Shiftee88 says:

No one is here to listen to the music retard, were here to watch sexy women shakin their big asses

SuperMatt00000 says:

Cote d’Ivoire, Canada t’aime!

sweetiestlady says:

hahahaha,yea,i am, i grew up in ivory coast!

sweetiestlady says:

indeed nothing is wrong with that but I won’t say congolese music is rubbish if I like Ivory coast music better tho, I am congolese by the way. lol , aight peace out!

sweetiestlady says:

then, why did u watch it? u should learn how to appreciate other cultures too.

chaizor1 says:

nice and hot booties

William Were says:

Plizz. This is not the time & place to start preaching Condoms as if we don know. Lets enjoy!

iwillhaveaworkoutvid says:

workout dvd….oh ok

Odis Kamata says:

Just watching these asses bounce like this make my deek rise.

sublimityeternal says:

get down!

mangaire1 says:

always nice to see sexy girls back up their nice big bottoms
keep em goin
good stuff

Spongyb says:

@jjc419lol: What do u mean? Those women are not prostitutes, they are shinning glittering gold for their men. This is cultural dance not Pole dance.

goldenismonica says:

hahahaha i know!

Rod Spartacus says:


jjc419lol says:

People please use protection, everything that glitters is not gold. HIV Alerts!!!!

jjc419lol says:

People please use protection, everything that glitters is not gold.

sweetblac says:

LOL they are enjoying a cultural experience!

tasya6 says:

lol ah ca!

goldenismonica says:

i wonder what everyone watching was thinking!
OMG! hahaha

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