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Nova Jade says:

That just puts you on the same level as him. You’re both racists, foulmouthed, sexist and just rude and ignorant. In reality there isn’t much difference between you two. It’s wrong to say all Indian men are rapists. It’s also very wrong to call millions of women you don’t know whores. If Indian women move to America, are they now whores too?

kirankrishna1000 says:

well,if he can stereotype the whole 1.21 billion Indians as rapists, I could do the same to him.Its simple really, u abuse me sir I abuse u back.hope u gets it.

Nova Jade says:

Why does anyone? It’s not just Muslims who bring religion into everything. So far from your posts I’ve gathered you hate Americans and Muslims. Racism isn’t just a one way thing. It’s wrong on all ends. All American woman are whorish porn stars? How is that fair? I get being angry about the way other nationalities may treat you. But you’re not making anything easier on yourself with all this hate and vulgarity.

kirankrishna1000 says:

lol ur americunt girls suck 100 cocks in their life time and u r talking about culture? u better go and get a job dude, its a lot better than sending ur mom to act in porn, dont u think?

kirankrishna1000 says:

I didnt start it.I just responded to the shit he started. why does these muslims have to bring their religion every where?

Nova Jade says:

Both of you are disgustingly ignorant. We all get it. You both hate the other’s religion. All you’re doing is making yourselves look horrible and hateful not only to each other, but to everyone else. This is a video about a belly dancer. Not another pathetic religious war. Get over yourselves.

kirankrishna1000 says:

ya and mussies worship a pussy shape stone and lick on it,lol dude go and worship ur pedophile prophet and pimp allah(bullah)who promised to give u 72 whores,lol………………by the way, that dancer is muslim

kirankrishna1000 says:

fuck of mother fucker, at;least we dont send our wives to act in porn like u mother fucking whites do,lol

kirankrishna1000 says:

dont act as if rapes doesnt happen in America, a rape happens every 2 minutes in america(ur own crime statistics), so better solve ur own problems first before advicing others.

Minal Sharma says:

This is not belly dance…..i dnt like it

Nova Jade says:

Yeah you did. Rape is EVERYWHERE, fucktard. Not just in India. If there are men and women in the same country, town, bar, continent ect, there WILL be rape. Unfortunately you’re too stupid and racist to understand that.

Tamma Nawel says:

Very nice

chickiecm says:


Sweetaholic Charm says:

She has to learn how to dance to the beat and understand the song… Shes ok but needs to calm down and dance to the beat accurately!

CynthVoX says:

Actually yes… I did not make fun of rape victims… But I was being critical of an ethnicity that has a history of abuse against women…

My mom is pretty proud of me… even if I am a dick to her sometimes… I’ve gone a lot farther than she could have expected and don’t collect on welfare…

So, FAWK AUF! ^_^

CynthVoX says:

If that’s a pun… very very good one ^_^ Would have gone with “discuss-ting,” so that other people could catch on. India is cool because of bollywood & the food… but the rape has been going on for decades and people are only caring about it now… think about that…

Nova Jade says:

Do you feel better about yourself now? Making fun of rape victims, while being racist all in one comment…. Yeah, we can all see your mother raised a son she’s proud of.

Sandrine Anterrion says:

Very beutiful dancer, nice vclean technique. However you can see that she is (understandably) nervous, and the results are very agitated arms and slouching shoulders. Shame, I shall check other vids of her on utube…

Melina Torrez says:

You’re so discusting.

Siloh Pitt says:

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Dina L. says:

Allah despises animals like you. Your mother should feel ashamed to have someone like you! Good luck with your lifeless life! I laugh at people like you and say hamdallah I was raised by amazing parents and i understand the Quran. You will always be a dog, just roaming around clueless and just shitting words out of your mouth! You were not raised properly and you will remain a little filthy fucker for the rest of your life. (LEARN HOW TO TYPE IN ENGLISH you uneducated animal)

AbdullAvx1 says:

shut up retard

AbdullAvx1 says:

loool hahahaha i really laughed at ur comment good style for talking girl 🙂 …and yea am a fuckn racist ..sometimes 😀 am honest …am sayn belly dancn isnt art nor talent bitch any 7yr girl can do with little practice 🙂 hell even ur fat mom the one with belly fat and flab can do good belly dancn with little practice..and no thnx i worship allah 🙂

Aluess1 says:

Beautiful Dancer, great moves, my respects. As a belly dancer I am a fan 🙂 Go girl

Dina L. says:

By your name I can see that you are an arab or a muslim at least. I am a muslim myself and because i follow my religion i DO NOT insult other people and respect everyone. You sound like a fucking uneducated dumbass. You might hate India but I hate ignorant dumb fucks like you 🙂 Go worship your own ignorance. Belly dancing is an art, if you dont like why are you watching this video? Your comment is absolutely disturbing and beyond rasict. Get your head out of your ass!

abhischoice says:

oh dear you will never understand cow’s value and mother’s value…i love people who respect women irrespective of the religion..if u spit into the air..u know where it fall?…oh you will never understand.

Majad Malik says:

very nice
so cute meher

Abhishek Pawar says:

then why u watched this video, to show how muslims love indian belly dancer…go fuck ur religion..dont piss here..we dont want shitheads like u to even comment…i hate musalman..saale madarchod jaati ke..

malik rashid jan says:


CynthVoX says:

After her performance she was gang raped by 8 men… go INDIA!

AbdullAvx1 says:

where is the fuckn talent in this shit ? just normal fuckn dancing watched by stupid people in india who worship cow and mices lool i hate india hahahaaaa go worship cow’s pee or elephant u morons hahahaaa

gurpreet Insan says:

lovly arabian………….:) :)……………

sara rodriguez says:

She’s okay…bt its aravic…its completely different kind of belly dance…the indian kind is more jumpy

1Dispretty2me says:

just because you can’t read the language doesn’t mean we all have to oblige you and our ignorance. If you don’t know you can ask what it means but don’t say “English please’ Like everybody is SUPPOSED to be speaking English. Please and thank you.

MohawkDiezelPower says:

The origins of Belly dance can be traced back to India… Banjara Dances…Nomadic professional entertainers Gypsies (Rom)

The history of middle eastern dance is intertwined with that of Gypsies in their various guises in each country they travelled through.They came from India and spread through Persia, Turkey, Arabia, Egypt Greece and through much of Europe To this day, many nomadic women bear hand and ankle tattoos thought to be Gypsy in design often a universal symbol meaning a traveler

خانتك عيناكى says:

he say its egyptian dance and i reply its pelly dance and its in alll the world not only egypt

Jolie Jiang says:

English please

Jolie Jiang says:


hariom gautam says:

i love ur dance………..

HDArabMusic says:

Egyptian classical dance hai. (song shik shak shok)

خانتك عيناكى says:

هذا اسمة بيلى دانس وليس رقص مصرى اسمة رقص شرقى وكل العالم يرقصة ويعتبروة موهبة فى معظم دوول العالم الا عندنا فى الدول الاسلبامية والعربية نسمية سفالة

al mamoon says:


Sophia1467 says:

un peu de douceur dans les mouvement aurait rendu la danse plus belle car là cela fait un peu trop brusque comme façon de danser

shakir thaheem says:

Kia Dance Hai

1990Maily says:

ماتوقعت إنهم يعرفوا يرقصوا مصري

Saleh Saleem says:


lokeshsinghsaud says:

But not perfect belly dance,

linda hatcher says:

Wow she’s good! Her moves are very sharp, I’m NO where near as good!

Rishi Hs says:

I used to know here when i small.

mar m says:

very nice and very indian movements, hands are moving too sharp like in indian dances. thats what i observed

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