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Looking to start Salsa dancing? In this free dance lesson, learn how to do copa salsa steps with professional salsa dancers. Expert: Eddie Santos Contact: ww…


carissaj420 says:

why wont you show meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

luisa allman says:

i would like to see them dance to see how it all fit together…

Mambosight says:

You can see that this is an On1 dancer….!
You shouldn’t be stopping the woman on 5, unless you are doing a 360 or a check turn, there is no pause and you can throw her off her timing. I hope these instructors review this pattern and correct it.

johnnyk3yz says:

He’s counting on-2 timing where the breaks are on the 2 and 6

Cariad Geach says:

LOL!?!!?!?!? HE CANT COUNT!!!!!

Mbaya Guy Davis says:

she is hummm… so salsing

brentwood2424 says:

id rather eat salsa

ajutube2011 says:

She is so sexy. Although I would like to see them dance to actual salsa music for at least 45 seconds

AlyWallyCobainy says:

he’s not countin right loljk

MrLilo12345678 says:

1)close eyes 2)think how much money u want 3)post on 10 vids 4)look under pillow REALLY WORKS!!

ajutube2011 says:

I like their instructions but I would like to see 30 seconds to 1 minute of actual dancing to music to how the moves are supposed to flow together.

shearenergy says:

I love her hair.

shearenergy says:

outstanding move.
So basic
but man big payoffs on this move.
generally i usually hold both of her arms as i open her up or she will cheat and proceed with the step.
again dance is not a work out. if it is then she should do it on her own.
as a man i own a a pair i usually will open the lady up with both of her hands and admire having her hands. you ask for them she gives them to you now its your turn to show the magic.
and you can slow the measure down to the beat. If she has rhythm.

tenikanilmini says:

Online Latino women here who can trust

dfghdfsxcgbd says:

some Latino women need to meet you

H3NEKK3N says:

que rica esta la señora, pero ese wey se ve que es un pinche mexicano

maese56 says:

Mi chavo, tu conteo esta definitivamente mal…..!!! quien te enseño Salsa…??

nined5thclick says:

I like the way she styles her arms.

Alberto Aguilar says:

Al inicio de la cpa esta vien pero el deveria de esta de lado en lado derecho de la dama ella ase el back break y el ase un side pero este buey ase lo que le dijo su maestro porque en sus movimietos de los pies anda planchando..con los tacones el deberia de ser luchador se ve re mal no chingen

patagonikprincess says:

@soccerpanda415 4 and 8 are the pauses, so when you dance, you don’t count them

jorgelabase87 says:

buenismo el video!”
te lo traduce y te tapa todo lo q baila jaja

pimpcadillacs says:

what a beautiful girl with such a sexy accent!!!!!!!!i wonder where shes from???

thekillers1234 says:

I’m confused…. 🙁 I’m dyslexic and could never understand dance teachers instructions. I did end up passing A level dance and learnt tap and ballet but had to have a friend teach me in a particular way. Damn I wish I was normal 😉

Salsistka says:

Yes, You’re rihgt. 4 is just a little step, it means accent 😉

candycane1063 says:

yeah 4 and 8 are the pauses i just learned that haha

anabella993 says:

I watched another salsa video and they also missed step 4. lol. maybe 4 is the pause???

candycane1063 says:

wtf happened to 4 but its very well choreographed i cant wait to try it out


Very well explained & illustrated. Thanks

Will Ram says:

I can’t wait to try this in my Salsa class, thanx.

elacomedido says:

hi beautiful, u are a great dancer and teacher thanks for the videos im ur fan 🙂

losflores2 says:

I like this very much,very easy to fallow.

ltigre2031 says:

very nice easy to follow but i do the one going forward with the left as in la style on 1 but i just modified it thx

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