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Looking to start Salsa dancing? In this free dance lesson, learn how to dance basic salsa steps with professional salsa dancers. Expert: Eddie Santos Contact…


Edna Holmes says:

I agree with GuerraCarlitos….

ChevyChk65 says:

He looks like George Lopez. lol.

azabac3 says:

this is salsa on 2

GuerraCarlitos says:

Ladies start with right foot back and gents start with left foot forward. You are teaching backwards…

TomBrooklyn says:

he breaks back on left foot, and they never return to neutral position. How is that salsa? What kind of salsa is that?

tarun saini says:

but where is 4 gone

Elpobretonto says:

This does not look Salsa for me.. WTF !!!!!!

Franck Yan says:

@ Maria. You’re very good but PS dump Eddie he can’t dance. His waist is as thick as a tree trunk – he has no hip movement whatsoever – what’s the deal with the jumbo steps? How are you gona dance like that in a compact social environment with lots of other dancers around you? You’d definitely be all over the place making bigger steps that scoobedo at the ghool school LOL. Snap! snap!

cheesebowls says:


MrLilo12345678 says:

1)close eyes 2)think how much money u want 3)post on 10 vids 4)look under pillow REALLY WORKS!!

MrRomanfreyre says:

salsa is not a dance that you learn with a teacher get your ass out there and try it its not gonna be good the first couple of times but yu ll start to fell the rithm

Michael ok says:

interestn but wondering why the last halfstep counts as a full step

dushansumeda says:

Think about your marriage and get a trusted women

helikanimukty says:

Most excellent benaughty lady “”

besamemucho5 says:

@booeing2007 ja ja ja ja ja jaaaaa you are good….jaaaaa

dorkie1000 says:

you call this basic steps ?!?!

Hamad Al-Fadhel says:

what is this?! could b anything but not salsa!

DanzaLatina says:

Yes this is Mambo (On2 Salsa) and a nice break down…. and to the ballroom dancer below – Salsa is not orignally a ballroom dance. Latin ballroom (dance sport) have their own stylised version of salsa which is not lead and follow, in the same respect.

Rosario Ortega says:

Good clarification , there is a pause in 4 and in the 8. we dance 6 beats out of the 8 in the music.
Good !!

xwoman says:

bueno y con todo mi respeto, cuando veo a esa mujer bailando se me congelan hasta los huesos, a parte de que se menea como una bicha bulgar, amiga la salsa se lleva por dentro. vaya a bailar mejor step dance.

H3NEKK3N says:

all my respect and my honor, but the woman is so so, so beautiful, and she moving so sexy, so sensuality, i love her, I would love dance wither

Raul Martinez says:

ha ha, There’s no rule that says you have to start backwards or forwards. The guy leads, the girl follows. Just listen to the music. Salsa is supposed to be spontaneous. That’s what makes it so much fun. You probably think you can only grab the girl with either an open or closed stance too. Why not rest your arms on each others shoulders or grab your waists? Try being creative.

Yeah, they should mention it’s Salsa on 2 and its probably a new york style dance variation.

chuntelle28 says:

Sorry but this is nottttt salsa steps at all!!!

Don DeBoer says:

The steps here are not wrong. This is mambo tipico or mambo on 2.

Cblock1985 says:

why is the chick leading?

chrisagc says:

Woah! very different from what i know! probably a little more advanced!

Tinydancerpammy says:

4&8 are pauses- sometimes it helps if you count it “quick-quick-slow” (a quick is worth a beat and a slow is worth two beats). There are about a million and a half variations of “Salsa”, and this is one of them. Also, depending on who you ask, there is no “salsa” dancing (Salsa is the music- Mambo is the dance). I technically learned that Salsa starts on the one beat, Mambo on the two, but otherwise, they are virtually the same dance. Take that for what you will. Good patterns, btw!

AP0media0saavy says:

where’s the #4??

djinaz9292 says:

Are those propper shoes for my beginner’s salsa class or going out to the club? Im afraid of hitting my partner.

sky75874872 says:

Counting steps of this video are different from others and what I learned. The man is stepping back when he counts one.

gharlston11 says:

You should probably mention that this is Salsa On2.

m1st3rh says:


arielbirding says:


volleyballspike says:

you didnt count 4…

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