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bbnnaa222 says:

That was really good thanks a lot very helpful n good advice

ContemplationOfDeath says:

Thank you!! I love it and I learned a lot <3

NubianRockerChick says:

Very Classy and sensual… luv it! My husband will love it too!

TheMariahandkelly says:

Gorgeous legs! Can’t wait to give him the best birthday dance ever

SexyGreekBaby89 says:

I need to so this to man man soon!!!! 🙂 thank you sooo much!!!! Very helpful!!! (Btw, love her accent!) 🙂

aren1493 says:

Awesome!! just what i needed..thanks!!

CountryPeach13 says:

Pretty shoes :3

MamaMilkBubbles says:

I love it! I’m doing this one tonight for valentines day. Thankyou for your vids!

Maya Howell says:

It’s amazing thank you.
Your stunning!

Roni T says:

If i did that, i wud be sure me and boyfriend had sex right after that

MsFuneralFreak says:

Can’t wait to try it

Trachilify says:

I’ll try this on him, for christmas, hope he’ll be satisfied! 😀

Ambir91 says:

amazing !!!

Ana Flavia Ribeiro Dias says:


smilezevery1 says:

I don’t care what anyone else has to say, that was a sexy little routine!

derya şanlı says:

I’m sorry, she is too ratty. :/

cutiepie9229 says:

I bet you were a whore

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