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Mimi Oize says:

I did it nude

SallyVampBurlesqueUK says:

So good this 🙂

Adrianna Rivera says:

Crispy bacon for days lol

heelsKICKharder says:

hahahaha so true :D

DatOne Blondie says:

the crispy bacon part made me hungry for bacon….. akward haha

DatOne Blondie says:

the crispy bacon part made me hungry for bacon….. akward haha

Macealynn says:

This was really really helpful 😉

Tsitsinatska says:

It’s not easy to move like this and talk the same time…

Cassie Valente says:

uhm probably cuz shes talkinn at the same time shes tryin to teach a “DANCE” lesson.

ecleon58 says:

Crispy bacon!!

limitedme07 says:

i love that lol ‘crispy bacon’

barbiedoll177 says:

Flat as fuck

Simone Pasley says:


antonio211000 says:

wow beautiful woman ,nice art and succulent feet nice art.

Roxana4Life says:

love that crispy bacon 😉

Emily Sterner says:

I think she’s sexy. I don’t care what anyone else says, she knows how to move her body and is obviously aware of how to use it. Great teacher too! Nothing sexier than confidence 😉

iWillLuvYouForeva says:


secret2mistakes says:

If you can’t use proper grammer and spelling, you’re probably not even old enough to watch this. You should go watch something on your maturity level. You know, like Barney and stuff.

secret2mistakes says:

Maybe because she’s not 20 anymore and it’s probably taking more energy for her than it use to, or perhaps she isn’t in the best of health despite how great her body is …. You never know~

NightwingMistress says:

This is great! I’m a shy person but the man I’m currently dating is just so fucking sexy… I’m going to study this video and do this for him, hopefully break my shy barrier for once and for all. XD

goofball68 says:

She’s a great teacher!

SRospieler says:

maybe coz thats like sports and she is also talking and not more 20 ? fool.

elDuofantastico says:

mee tooo im happy to learn from her!! 😀 i cant no wait tu see the face my boyfrend! hehehe

Marija Jankovic says:

Can you recommend some music for this routine?

Linuzsh says:

coz it makes her horny

Anneliese Bell says:

and you are going to be embarrassed about this comment when you grow up. you shouldn’t even be watching videos like this, little girl, because you are clearly not mature enough yet.

Kristina Kehoe says:

shes hotter then you.

nicolekittie says:

I can’t wait to see how frigid you’ll be at her age.

jack maguire says:

Nice arse

Nicole Van Haaften says:

Ty this helped me a ton 🙂

chrisandkatie8711 says:

and just what do you think will happen when you are too “old” that no one wants you?

cheyenne robey says:

eeew u r sooo old none wants a lap dance from u

Alex Fontes says:

8:03 – where the actual damn “lap dance” starts.

Sophie Lynn Lafond says:


jessicafeil84 says:

great! thanks for sharing this

Ali Alsuhail says:

@iopgeee damn you never get any really good videos on here. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything have a look at this

lilmiss163 says:

this is great 🙂 thanks heaps

bibi sisi says:

your are the best thank youuuuuuuu very very much

Sally Roma says:

Try it at home with
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m3lon647 says:

Are you South African? It sounds like u have a South African accent

Icanhavethemall says:

he went CRAZY! 😀 thank u

Lenny Rodriguez says:

its good to learn from someone who has experiense 🙂 im happy with her teaching

harrisnatorrian says:

I got my man birthday present

kimberly putzbach says:

i like it definitly learning something

Anais Boves says:

Alright alright alriiiight my man will be one lucky guy!!

MrsTJohnson5 says:

is she talking about crispy bacon?

MrsTJohnson5 says:

i think she’s horny

caylie forgey says:

I just did this for my man and he loved it

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