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sky7dance says:

Some of our dancers with waist length hair manage to do those sharp 360 hair swings after some practice but it really requires some physical effort and a strong neck. We would suggest to keep your hair moves small and slow, like putting your head on one shoulder and bringing it slowly to the other shoulder. Long hair is extremely sexy and there are quite a few things you can do with it while you dance. Experiment and find what feels right for you!

BrittanySky1000 says:

that guy keeps makin me laugh oh my gosh.

syaidaazrudin1 says:

what if i have an awfully long wavy hair down to my butt.
I’ve seen a lot of lap dance vid and most of em include hair flipping.
That doesnt quite work with my long hair ):
it gets everywhere after one flip. i end up looking messy instead of sexy

Kittensi1 says:

that guy looks sooo funny and i bet he feel awkward lol

sky7dance says:

Check the description!

Anita Hamilton says:

this song is funny as hell
whats the name on the song???? please give me title

Kisstin Lange says:

lol shes trying to roll her body but shes so damn stiff…. i think she needs lower heels so shes more comfortable. otherwise its fantastic, great movies!!

Fawn North says:

My hair would never cooperate with me for something like this. :

jj44483 says:

Suprised the guy hasnt got a hard on

SoJustCool says:

if the guy wasnt so ugly

guerrazteca says:

ke cancion es locos

Josef Bausch says:

Where is the strip?

Tiarasexyness says:

Good job 🙂

jen100cool says:

Eë ßhtqdgfgv

georgitsa666 says:

пластика у неё не очень

anglijas1 says:


lucysanchez1981 says:

I was looking for lapdancing……
Not this..

automaticchic says:

hmm..this could help..with a hotter music though :)

eireeni says:


lilmackify says:

It’s just an example of some moves that can be done. I don’t agree with the cock touching though, rubbing the inner thigh without direct contact builds up anticipation which makes the whole dance worth it. It’s no fun to give him what he wants right away, make him wait 🙂

cutepandachick says:

Mehh, I like her heels!

sky7dance says:

this is a dancing tutorial, not an entertaining video 🙂 girls understand what to do when they dance for their man. we’re only teaching the dance moves.

abc123cura says:

yea i think so too. also, this one, i think it’s a lil too much that she always shaked her head to the side.

Fakum12 says:

Love the outfit!
And I think it’s well done.

Kagrithh says:

hot but girls should feel the mans cock while there dancing and actually get on them more

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