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This guide shows you How To Do Sexy Club Dancing Watch This and Other Related films here: Subscribe!…


MrChannel5news . says:

you dance like a slut LOL

TLAMont2008 says:

Looks like Herman Munster with a blond wig on

notasleeep . says:

Fish lips 

wObbLE0695 says:

I got laid tonight! Thank you so much lol jks this sucks

Hellsconsort says:

I wonder if women actually know that men hate dancing?


I am glad I have just learned how to do “sexy club dancing” – I am a better human now. Thankyou internet.

Cathy-Ann Davies says:

this is so cringe to watch

CR7hg says:

If u wanna fo sexi dance u have to wear like sexy girl

jay k says:

thats what it says. look cloasely. who do u think does sexy dance moves at a night club?

lacelund dunn says:

lol, i’m 13. and I can’t dance better than this.

joeblack173 says:

ok =)

1rosiestar1 says:

Lol You made me laugh xD

Cerian06 says:


Sapir Bouchan says:

now i know from where the bitches learned to dance

joeblack173 says:

2:29 check armpit odor … i´m cool … xD

dannymaclamp says:

they took some fat from her ass for her lis

glentaker says:

lol i love video jugs comments 🙂

NikNikNiken says:


fncrNYC says:

haahahahahahaha i love watching videojug videos, they suck so much

SmokingMistfinger says:


masterkudjo says:


Bohdan Havrylyshyn says:

Very poor representation of English night life…

bd21lloyd says:


nirvana613 says:

those are some big ass fish lips

Silvester94T3 says:

This should be titled “how to be a whore at the nightclub”

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