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This week in salsa dancing, we are going back to salsa dance basics and teaching you a salsa dance beginner cuddle wrap combination into a copa (in-and-out) …


MissCoopette says:

Can you please put a link to previous moves mentioned? it would be really helpful if you could but an annotation to the Copa move in your video

DiaoChanDw . says:

I know these comments are common but… 11 people did not catch the girl :]

helikanimukty says:

Most excellent benaughty lady “”

DJSkip Lopes says:

Great video….my only suggestion would be to also have the female go over a little more thoroughly the woman’s steps

smoothpants says:

– How about offering them on a flash drive?

fzimmer11 says:

Why are there so little men on the salsa dancefloor?

You can see it here. So many words to learn that little dancing, making men dizzy. So many complicated armwork making men look silly like little girls in the playground.

See them run away, screaming?

Don’t show us the same silly stuff as the gay local dance teacher. Show us something for real man. Perhaps – perhaps – we come back.

ltigre2031 says:


apersaud says:

Hmm.. That is a good problem you have brought to my attention. While I do not prefer DVDs, I will think of a solution. Could you tell me which country you are located in?

apersaud says:

It is in the description box of this video. 🙂

ltigre2031 says:

anyone know name of song?

Miguelmosh1 says:

Its fine we dance kind of that without trainnig or taking lessons mi chavo we dance from the barrio Df

testinutube says:

A beginner move that I have never done in this fashion before. As I once wrote – I love to see brand new variations of the good ol’ moves, it helps to have a breath of fresh air there :-).

Awesome as always, A&J!

TheCKiely says:

FAB-U-LOUS. your a great teacher.

TheCKiely says:

i think this is a brilliant video. you break down the moves extremely well. dont mind the begrudgers out there Anthony! Having lessons with a company called salsa nation in ireland and he is just like you for the technicalities & has some fab moves. Keep up the good work.

Bradley Brits says:

Nice video guys.. When are you gonna release your stuff on DVD.. Our country’s internet bandwidth is ridiculously expensive so I can’t watch even 1/10th of your videos.. It would be amazing if I could just buy DVD’s of all your lessons..

aonjmj says:

Probably the same people that belong to the league of unbent cha-cha knees =p

com4vlad says:

Nah, your videos are very nice, but maybe, just maybe, there are some realy mean ppl out there 😉
Keep it up !!!

apersaud says:

Wow, I guess someone didn’t like the video. 1 rating for 2-stars! Hopefully you’ll like our next ones better.

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