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Dancing with the stars professional maksim chmerkovskiy teaches Diana Madison how to dance salsa at millennium dance studio in los angeles.


isaiahzomorao says:

Her chewing on that gum saying “alright, okay” ever damn sec geez sthu an learn an i mean learn to dance .

PinkCam88 says:

me 2, im 14 also

TattySunDanz says:

please just listen to him and learn… its easy!

gaétan patience says:

bullshit*.. right

Jerry Hernandez says:

this dude definately can’t dance salsa and should not be teaching

SwimmerGal143 says:

I want Maks to be my dance partner but I am only 14 so that may be weird,but he is sooo ADORABLE!!!!! 😀

bballer191 says:

They def smashed

VeeVeeVeeV says:

i think Maks is an AMAZING teacher…..i think he’s extremely patient too….. some of the duds he’s been stuck with on DWTS……  and this chick really should just TRY to listen……..she might just learn something……oh, and, she needs to find shoes that “work with her” instead of clunking around……
hopefully he’s gotten paid good money for putting up with her.

wowhornby says:

poor maksim. he’s so patient

spacej0ckey says:


spacej0ckey says:

ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

Becki Lynne says:

she’s such an idiot! stop talking for about 5 seconds so the man can teach you to dance! he’s actually a lot more patient with her than i would be… maks is an amazing dancer! not to mention that he’s really hott!! hehe

nmextra says:

hahahahahahahahahaha makssss!! lol gotta love him telling her to shut up! i bet he was thinking lord she’s dumb…

hotwingsssako says:

YOU’RE FUCKING TERRIBLE! just stop it. you’re just embarassing yourself

jjzanice says:

Oh but he teaches well

jjzanice says:

Oh mammi you don’t have no kind of rhythm

pouncer84 says:

hahaha I was just about to say STFU when Maks tells her don’t speak. She was getting so dang irritating.

Loose2Lovely says:

I wish i was her at that moment

TheAQHAgal says:

“…or whatever you’re gonna do after…” 😉

TheAQHAgal says:

If she’d shut up & let him teach her!

SCShutterbug72 says:

I wish the feet movements were shown a lot more. I really want to learn how to do this dance in addition to other dances. Too bad I can’t get Maks to teach me. 😉 lol

Bobbiegel says:

no talking while dancing. the alright…okay…alright..okay…is a little annoying.

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