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Melissa Kocaman says:

she so fyne xxx

Rachel H says:

She looks like an avatar on IMVU

sonny confessor says:

doesn’t no one noticed how every video he holds his shirts i mean grab that ass instead

pricilla lopez says:

she said “hey!!!yeah he’s back there.” lmao that’s what she said 2:23

trumpet craz says:

Haha notice hows he’s starin at her butt the entire time

TheStarful0724 says:

Look at him he geeked up

KBswaggielicious13 says:

They both cute!

victoria depina says:

nice high heels

Sarah Longan says:

I like her haha

beautyaddict10101 says:

what song is this?

Jane Banee says:

i couldnt stop laughing when the music started. lolol

kÅTë Bëll says:

i love yew bangs

jim puta says:

She has a flat nose not pretty and big lips..eeww

Janaye Moore says:

She looks like a Barbie doll

Jessica C says:

The guy is totally checking her butt out

alexxthelionn says:

Lol, he’s so intimidated by her!

Joe Popeye says:

….and then Moses returns to see such filth.

carreno4986 says:

The guy’s face! Haha!

happyhoney2000 says:

The guys starin like DAT A S S

SewoyL01 says:

Is it me or the guy is like : “Dat ASS !! “

Chezale Dancepro says:

Cute! Go head Tweet! 🙂

jackies35 says:

The Bronx and Harlem created the original Harlem Shake Dance. Therefore youtube videos with the original harlem shake dance is connected to Hip Hop How to Videos.

javiermami says:

dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip

beutifulamit says:

Im glad I’m not the only one… 😀

YourLaughzZ says:

Me too… I`m simply not the club-dancer-type. But there are many more ways to find his partner^^

beutifulamit says:

I have come to the conclusion.. that I can’t dance and I’ll die alone.

Heaven Rodgerss says:

thanks to you i will go watch the harlem shake now

jasondreams says:

Because Harlem Shake is not a sexy dance, so Youtube recommended this to you. Thank Youtube!

edmTrapped says:

You clicked on this video.

bbravo3883 says:

What dumbass looks up these simple ass sluty dances

Raquel McKenzie says:

The way he’s staring at HER! Not even her ass all the way. I mean, well no shit, lmfao, he’s starin’ at dat ass but even still, like oh mah goodness gracious. Even I felt a small smile tryna creep on my face watchin’ him watch her! XD Like DAMN.

Mimi Markowski says:

We actually talked about that in a body language class today:D It’s usually because a guy is marking his “territory” around the girl. It’s like him saying, “No one is allowed back here but me.”

Ember Rolan says:

Straight up looking at her butt though

kayceenips says:

LMAO why is he holding his sweater covering her back lmao

QueenB LetsGetStarted says:

hahaha she’s funny! 😀

jenae2001tt says:

y’all don’t see him looking at her butt the whole time

angelgravette says:

Hot guy

s0intoyou . says:

what jeans is she wearing pleaase?

Juliet Fernandez says:

Hot guy

Hanna Gonzales says:

The guy is like BEST dance tutorial EVER!!xD

dakidkossreturns says:

They suck

macymjensen0120 says:

LOL look at the guy he so lookin at her ***!

Emilie Munch says:

He looks at her like “I’d fuck that!”… I bet they’re doing it in real life

MrMahaganyf says:

He is so enjoying hisself

letmehaveachannelnig says:

I’d totally grind her.

Desiree Francies says:

uh well…. this is the PG version of what happens at most of the parties i go to lol

BabyKaos69 says:

That boy stuck on da ass thou lol

Rena Heeman says:

He’s a guy give him a 🙂

mandbeam113ml says:

lol he keeps looking at her butt lol

Kendall Kookie says:

He looks at ur butt

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