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Close Henya Mania in a new Belly Dancing Tutorial for beginners! Learn how to belly wave and make Eights with your hips! SHARE THIS VIDEO…


bigkingarea says:

חיסלת לגברים מסביב לעולם את העיניים

OnitsukaTiger1511 says:

Sorry, linking didnt work… its called Belly Dancing Moves: How to Do the Vertical Figure-8

OnitsukaTiger1511 says:

Ive been doing bellydance for 7 years now and sorry but as for the “8´s” as you call them (they´re actually called “Maya” but ok…) the rule is to never EVER lift your heels from the floor…this might cause serious pelvis problems… Check out this video where the teacher explains exactly step by step how this is done correctly and in a healthy way…

Lorna Nelmes says:

you look so young for 23 :O that’s good thoughh 😀

Lola pedro says:

are you even skinney

xStellaxCornelissenx says:

I just can’t seem to do this haha. My abs are trained but I just don’t know how to work them seperated!

Leonardo Oliveira says:

SExy,faltou o bellyrolling gata linda,quero mais,me excita,bjhs!

Pete Kruse says:

You are a sexy Jewish vegan

moty88 says:

מה זה מוסיקה של הנסיך הפרסי? 😛

kjhampgemini says:

Damn she cute 🙂

Henya Mania says:

תודה :)

sxcHideki says:

i l u <3

Ben Ben Yeshayahu says:

את כל – כך יפה 😉 חחח תמשיכי לעשות עוד חיקויים של ממים זה גדול את גאונה

serklaurenify says:

I like ur belly ring can u post vids about that?

Henya Mania says:

older than you 🙂
im 23..

FashionVloger says:

How old r u

FashionVloger says:


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