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Belly Dance Workout, have fun♥ **Open Me** ♥ Give me a thumbs up if you like it. Dale manito arriba si te gustó. ♥ Subscribe for more updates. Suscribete par…


PinkWitchBlog says:

Thank you :)

jazmindelpais says:

you are greatttttttttttttttttttt

Mariah Thayer says:

This is great, I enjoyed it and enjoyed sharing it, but the hands and facial expressions need to be more relaxed. That’s just as important to the dance as any one movement could ever be.

Carole Teh says:

Hi, how to do 3/4 shimmy? Please give a video on it. Thanks!


I’m your big fan from South Korea!

PinkWitchBlog says:

Thank you 🙂

Carole Teh says:

Very good workout and instructions are clear!

MsSara150 says:

good workout, very slow though… and can you plllllleaaaaaaaaaase learn how to use your hands / face when you belly dance… look at real middle eastern women dancing.. they look real.. 

Sweet2Rani says:

ok, thank you :))

PinkWitchBlog says:

Yes it is!!

Sweet2Rani says:

is it a good workout to burn calories?

TheEljohara says:


PinkWitchBlog says:

Thank you, I´m glad you like it.

scoorpee says:

it is really good workout sweating like a flooding but not feel very heavy and fun too. Great video. waiting another 1 hour workout from you Pink. Love it…

PinkWitchBlog says:

You´re wellcome 🙂

sootherbs says:

thank you, such a great workout!!

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