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Close Diana Prado, a true passista from Sao Clemente Samba School, shows her samba routine & interview. Great Brazil…


raymy Tremus says:

She dance so amazing nice with a lot of freedom

alemat21 says:

chile, everybody n they mama started hittin that samba..i just haha

janicetf1 says:

Say whatever the hell you want about Asia, but Brasil unlike your country has a VIBRANT culture. Beautiful women and men without that ugly pasty white skin that is so characteristic of your country. Men and women are mostly gorgeous, they enjoy life ans they can dance in a very Sensual enticing way.

janicetf1 says:

Say whatever the hell you want about Asia, but Brasil like unlike you’re country has a VIBRANT culture and women to die for and most of all they can dance!

pepe7drum says:

you see? thats the fucking problem man, you only talk about money like if it was everything, you people are capitalist all the way… you yankees are addicted to money and fear… but who cares you are a first class country, you have a lot of great things, i really admire your people and your country, cheers mate and dare to be happy

sarah j. says:

I love how she has her freedom, notice how the guys aren’t just standing back staring or trying to move in on her.. it’s like in this culture the men know & respect the natural body & sensuality of the women & that it’s a part of life, no need to be over-sexualized about it. I love that, definitely want to visit Brazil.

Bruna Santos says:

Arrepiei! Dança muiiiiito bem

propheci says:

I know, I was commenting on what XMelfina said, which was an odd statement.

belavistario says:

Hello, how are you? I was responding to ” XMelfina” above….cheers

propheci says:

I didn’t really see any hate in their faces; the only face I paid attention to was Diana Prado’s. And the fact that I didn’t like how her make up made her eyes look.

belavistario says:

I would not call it “hate”…I did the interview and know those two girls too…I would say maybe there could be some feeling like “why I was not called too to be interviewed”, but hate definitely not. Hate is very powerful and negative force, and in samba , at these levels, you dont see this…Trust me… I am on the business for more than 6 years…

xMelfina says:

LOL, the 2 black girl in the back started hating at her when she started doing her dance, ahaha Their faces! why do people hate so much?

Felipe Saavedra says:

I’m colombian, i lived for a while in the US and you are right in a certain way, though, in latinamerica people do not think that money is everything, we enjoy live with the little details, such as partying and sharing with the family. I think you are wrong saying that you used to spend more money and everything was OK then…Do not associate happiness in you life with money and everything will be better. 🙂

AlovesMJ says:

wouldn’t mind having a body like that and the moves…

andforplay193 says:

when she was dancing at 2:09 you could see the jealousy in the girls behind her lol

theoryg says:

The females are a sensation!

LoVeStorm17 says:

You poor little ignorant thing lol

GRRRRRR77 says:

yeah… sweden, italy, bulgaria, ok, beautiful women… but england? you have the beatles and monty python, the stones, the kinks, and that’s about it.

GRRRRRR77 says:

most of our forests have been chopped by multinational corporations.
with our present left-winger governments things are getting better and better.
there’s a dilemma: if we don’t industrialize more, we’ll stay dependent from other countries… on the other hand, industrializing tends to chop forests, pollute rivers, etc.
we could try to remain a reservation of nature, but then maybe in future industrialized countries might want to use their million dollar missiles and warfare to invade and conqu

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Very good point! congratulations!

belavistario says:

Concluding, he also explains thoroughly how people who “live in this mode”, lead healthier & happier lives, conected to Nature. Recently, the Italian Philosopher Dominico De Masi only confirmed many of Zweig´s “observations”, but on a scientific level..We indeed like to ENJOY life, and I think this is one reasons Brazil is “on the world radar” finally. Not the economics, but elements like these: “Joyfullness” ( inventing word), ability to have fun, relax, and NOT to FEAR. Best regards!

belavistario says:

Hello Tone, your comment was so appropriate, I decided to write you back immediately. I completely agree w/ you. I think we live here “in another time-clock”, which has some problems, ( like project-plans ), but other advantages, which overcome the losses. The first serious intellectual to touch this issue was the German author Stefan Zweig, ( see in Wiki) famous for his book “Brazil: A Land of the Future”. There he explains how this “way of appreciating life” makes it less stressful.

tonebeatz24 says:

Brazil is a very beautiful country and the happiest country. I think they live better than we do in America. We Americans fear to spend money now and to go out. All we do is work and go home and sleep. The salary we make in the USA is not enough to enjoy life like we use to and unemployment is high. We Americans use to spend money like it was nothing. Now we fear. In Brazil they have more life than we do in America. In the USA we have the most stress in the world I think.

CoutureaFerocia says:

Well, clearly your “experience” has lead you astray because you are completely wrong, lol. Try reading a book instead of “educating” yourself on youtube. Youtube is completely arbitrary depending on the views of who ever decides to upload content. So that makes it as unreliable as your statement. Also, emerging markets is not a proper noun so next time you present your flimsy argument, don’t capitalize. You will look less the bafoon with your unsubstantiated borderline classist remarks.

PotatoGunsRule says:

Ya until you chop the forest down.

Victoria Alexandra says:

LMAO england has some ugly ass people with rain all the time.. brasil is 100x better then england


100 girls that all look better than Hallie Berry..

Yairi Rodriguez says:

what the fuck is she saying ?

belavistario says:

no, no, no…As Amy´s song…I personally filmed and edited…that is her style…a phenomena…She even won a prestigious prize last year of the 2 best samba dancer in all Rio Carnival ! Cheers!

5hadowl872 says:

Did they fast forward the video? Cause she looks like she’s going in fast motion!

belavistario says:

this is the time, not only for this beautiful culture bit jobs too, regarding World Cup 2015 and Olympics 2016…. way to go!

maloking says:

i want to move to brazil <3

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

The carnival next year ( 2013) will be in Feb, to be exact: February 8th to February 12th are the official dates.

ARMONI555 says:

when do you have carnival and where cause i want to come visit brazil from Boston

joao moreira says:

concorreu a musa do VASCO.

Bigpanda911 says:


nidiasophiathebest says:

Check out crazy legs in the silver shoes from 0:18 - 0:25 HI FIVE!!!

nidiasophiathebest says:

I think it’s so cute how they are all in a room just dancing their hearts away to Samba music! Great video 🙂

rebk1228 says:

This girls is a dancing machine! Simply amazing! Of all world cultures, the Brazilian is the one I admire the most. I can’t get enough of the natural grace and charm of their people. And their music is intoxicating, I just love it!!!

AbsolutFFM says:


BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

yes, she works out 4 times a week + samba dances 3 times a week

AbsolutFFM says:

wow she is fit

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Now you will explode your heart…LOL…

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

I can understand! Check another video of Diana here : Shenis a prized dancer in Brazil:

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

yes, I have writen…but here it goes again: name of this song is “Sao Clemente 2011 Samba enredo” or “Samba Enredo São Clemente 2011”. It is the official parade theme song for the Sao Clemente Samba School parade in Rio in 2011 Check though their new song:

jhodgepodge says:

Can we get some english captions so I can follow along. You’re forcing me not listening and to look at her breast….Bless you!!!!

jhodgepodge says:

Damn! I’m in love!!!

Amanda Lopes says:

Why are you so confident? The economy in Brazil is better than in England, The’ve got a wonderful forest, the nature is perfect, health and happy people, would you die to defend England? Don’t be so fool, you don’t know about Brazil so shut your mouth and go to school to learn about culture and economy! The brazilians are the first in the list of the richest countries in the world, go and check if you are in doubt!

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