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stephenkelley1 says:

shes so good. strength and sexiness. i love it

samy saadaoui says:

The Weeknd - Wicked Games

George Nguyen says:

may lam duoc roi han noi

Madison Sanchez says:

what is this song called?

Fabrizio CARENA says:

that is art

Cheslea Jarrell says:

I wana learn to do this.! That is my favorite song and the routine is amazing

deSeriosa says:

kỹ thuật thì ít mà quằn quại thì nhiều -_-

MsMadaz says:

so sexy and beautiful!… would love to learn this routine…

m0nkeynutzs says:

Yeah, im talking to you

m0nkeynutzs says:

I wish you could work my pole, Bitch.

TheHeathersphere says:

Oh.My. GOD. Amazing.

Linh Le Le says:

the way she flips her hair is damn sexy

Marco Torres says:


tas progresima says:


Martin Lyko says:

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Elshereef Emad says:


maxii lucille says:

who is this girl???

Gia An Nguyen says:

she’s vietnamese, has an australian accent, and is vegan. marry me pls

sJn1002 says:

*The Weeknd (no E) 🙂

LaraW19 says:

Yeah, people seem to believe that all that you learn is to rub your butt against the pole while wearing high heels… what they actually don’t know is how difficult it is to learn all those moves! Of course that the final result is meant to look sensual- as any kind of dance, and also delicate, like on artistic gymnastics. But before even thinking of achieving that, you have a lot of work out to do! Sore limbs and bruises are everyday stuff in the beginning… but it is more than worth it!

id15292 says:

wicked games – the weekend

Paola Lorente says:

what’s the name of the song?????

filip valenta says:


Emanuela Bd says:

Beautiful girl and nice song !

fallingslowly4cody says:

You are fabulous!

luz piedad pérez arias says:


Alexandra Alexa says:

The weeknd – wicked games <3 .

ingenue15 says:

Lol stripper!

Evilixist says:

Nice and pretty girl. Pretty ass XD. With a mystery light it may be a… great thing)

tommy phanh says:

the weekend- wicked game… check out juicy j ft. the weekend

tommy phanh says:

i just fell in love with this song and her!!! holy shit!! the weekend- wicked game

Nigel Luong says:

Song name, plzzz?

hungnguyen1906 says:

nice song n she’s so amazinggggg

Pun nhỏ says:

talent <3

Rebel Doig says:

thanks :)

Ashley Nguyen says:

Just my opinion here but I don’t think that would be good idea, considering how many viewers on gangnam style are kids. Showing them something like this could be misleading to some people. This is a beautiful dance( and NOT a stripper dance ) but many people could get the wrong idea. Again, this is just my opinion and nobody has to agree

tranngocyen208 says:

ganh ti thiet. thich qua di mat.

Nellaaaz says:

Its Wicked Games by The Weeknd

Dat1guybruh says:

Why does this NOT have more views than gangnam style… It’s a sad day for society.

Rebel Doig says:


Charlee Lopez says:

thnx 🙂

s7s7Joy says:


Johnny Le says:

3:40 A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

91Silviu91 says:

0:16 rocks till 0:23

Nikola Šindler says:

Nemohu si nepomoct, tohle je doopravdy sexy 🙂 fyzický výkon neskutečný 🙂 !

Маргарита Сухина says:

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Jesse Smith says:

go fucking read twilight , or i don’t know graduate grade 6. that can’t be so hard.

BassJackass says:

Perfect, best to start early so by the time you reach 18, you’ll be ready to properly strip and dance for us men.

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