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Juan “Ta-to” Paredes teaches us how to do a few Bachata steps with the help of Shaka, Stephanie and Gabriela from Venzuela. The Curaçao Salsa Tour is more th…


Eithan89 says:

Shagga Brown… lmao

i8tabasco says:

Should be call Buttchata

Carlos QLíS says:

hahahahahaha i like that lol

zeuselrayo says:


Joelsoro says:

in the entire video all i was looking at was the girl in the blue bikini’s ass

torment3d says:

ah another video relying on women to get them views rather than their actual teaching skills. Sad and pathetic.

djaward says:

Breast of the girl in black and the ass of the girl in blue = perfect body. Just saying.

Dora Yang says:

yeah there are much better sites than youtube for girls. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty check out this link bit.lyZ7zgfn

raul gomez says:

Those Bikinis are so small you can almost see their Turd Tunnels. The guy looks like one of the girls with all that bullshit jewelry.

asl2291 says:

i eat ass yam!!! yam!! 8=====D

Oliviamed891 says:

I actually found this very helpful for the basic steps…but even I was distracted by the asses and I’m completely straight lol.


ok i am swole!!!!

toesteel says:


Jamie Moore says:


Jonnyboyy3 says:

Una pregunta a Stefania y Gabriela que oficio tienen ? Donde trabajan uds ?

cocoapyol says:

agreed…. and venez on ah whole nx level..dem bitches be fiiiiine

elchatitochado says:

man how can i learn with those female asses specially the one in blue

Beatbyawhiteboy says:

Want to take some lessons in person.. close to the one in blue bikini preferably.

Shakti080 says:

Maaan, when are guys going to start dressing like that for the ladies? Sometimes we want a show too!


damn skippy!!!!!!!

Patricio ELFaThEr says:

one,two,tree FAP
one,two,tree FAP,FAP,FAP….¡¡¡¡

Jc Perez says:

Xtreme ” shorty “

Jc Perez says:


karina herrera says:

whats this song?

karina herrera says:


Adam Eden says:

Great easy instructions to learn this dance and love to watch this video every day.

marcosrah says:


Eddie Goynes Jr says:

Classes with fine women in bikinis? I can pay attention, hahaha. Love it!

dominican4life809n says:

Lmaooo word tap that ass

emanajunk says:

my name is SHAGA!!!! he is so proud of his name LOL

dmf055 says:

Last thing I heard was “teach you some basics”.

erenxbjk says:


KyiRui says:

Thanks ! Great instruction clear.

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CHAGA! LMAO cool name man. oh yea, nice ass Stephanie

sapho71 says:

So glad to see the back of Stephanie.

sapho71 says:

Let me guess, you wanted to cut costs in the costume department?


My friend, there is no way for me to pay attention to your 1,2, 3 tap thing with that ass bouncing. Next time make her wear pants so I can learn something 🙂

JLG805 says:

Shit was too funny Gio!!!

diegovivi vivian says:

Can I dance with Stephania?? I would like she to teach me!!!

david junior says:

jejejejejejejejejejejjejee yo gioscorpio1983 you made me laugh bro. is true yo.

TISHURA2008 says:

the only good thing about that is that hot big ass !!!

jacquelinecoria says:

hermosos los muchchos…the boys beautiful

Mariano Almada says:

A mí se me para la pija bailando con semejante hembrón y encima semidesnuda.

Mariano Almada says:

Dios mío, mirá lo que son esos ojetes, por favorrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Perolika says:

me muera!!!! ande van sin tanga las dos….jajajajajjjjajajajajajaja q fuerte!!!!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJ

laersonal4 says:

Será que pode encostar a bachata na tcheca?

highwood18 says:

I need to go to Venzuela for that ass 😉

TheAclaros says:

pero quien no aprende así obligado marica!! jajaja

Gabriel Sainhas says:

@2:38 cracks me up… ‘again this is ta-to, stephanie, gabriela and SHHAAKKKAAA!!! BAIT NIGGA!

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