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Club Hip Hop: Belly Dance Bollywood Cardio Workout with Billy Blanks Jr. is a fiery, total-body cardio dance routine that combines a unique fusion of classic…


nancy mehta says:

wow….love it,,,:) u guys rock…

superflavored says:

Ayee lol

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robin shrestha says:

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EngAhmedHalem says:

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Ion j says:

What I dont like is when they mix up lame Indian “bollywood” dancing with middle-eastern belly dancing when they have no connection what-so-ever.

jjlinert says:

So much fun and the upbeat attitude of the instructor makes it easier to exercise : )

Kumar Subedi says:

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Amber M says:

Love it, I want more bollywood and belly dance numbers!!

Sweet2Rani says:

is there a 2nd part somewhere?

Pieak Kana says:

Thank you, It’s easy and funny

Priska Baidhya says:

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Cactusanders says:

j’adore ses exercices, ils sont sympas à faire et sont fctionneney

Jana Dodi says:

I like it too much thank u

Karmen Santiago says:

Club Hip Hop rocks!!

nikkalw says:

This put a fun spin on learning to belly dance. I’m going to make this part of my regular workout.

VaqueritaLatina says:

I’m going to have to try this, looks super fun!

Genie Bell says:

yeah i’m too white for this lol

Buff Isbetter says:

Nice. im out of breath! lol its all about muscle control with this video..i feel my arm and legs burning for sure.

veggielivin says:

Upbeat, fun, and im sweating! thats what i like to call a workout….thanks billy!

perry ellis says:

Such great energy from’d you get your husband to move like that Sharon?? I gotta get my husband to start doing these excercises with me!

justin kang says:

werent u on shark tank billy?

Patricia S says:

Tooo much talk talk talk, couldn’t hear no music :s I love my Zumba classes, my best motivation ever.

BeFit says:

So glad that you enjoy them! Keep us posted on your fitness progress! Be sure to check out all of the Club Hip Hop videos! New ones are posted every Wednesday!

Buff Isbetter says:

I feel my butt and arm muscles working!

alissa larzen says:

Aw you guys are so cute. i love how billy and his wife workout together. i wouldnt be suprised if it helps keep their marriage working! im gonna get my bf to do this with me 😉

Julieann Encarnacion says:

Shut up damn!

seygra20 . says:

I agree, with you but no need to be so sensitive. May be you should create a fun workout and post it to youtube.

seygra20 . says:

This looks fun and the moves looks like I would be easily to do. Unlike the others in this series.

csederowsky says:

this is a great workout, it is only 10 minutes and I got some cool dance moves in before work today 🙂

Hanna Timberland says:

cool moves! bringing out the “sass”!!

mo mellon says:

This is a great cardio workout and it’s fun!

malena sharqui says:


Jean Arias says:

Wife and partner in crime… yeah yeah . . . Kudos on the workout tho, very nice 🙂

Dar Hughes says:

Best dance videos EVER , Love Sharon & Billy !!!

GraceTruthTeacher says:


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