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Central High School class of 2013 does the harlem shake.


Noah Norred says:

Asain guy on ground going ham.

kneenee71 says:

My old high school!

kaleab robinson says:

o.m.g that is very funny mam kml

rihiannaslilrockstar says:


rihiannaslilrockstar says:

It’s funny how people can see the quality of there education by looking at a Harlem shake video and that we’re on welfare and food stamps we pay a lot of tax money seeing as we have the only zoo in connecticut and you can’t say shit if you haven’t been a student their you will not know the quality of education their fond me some facts and come back to me on that

DrizzyRD says:

Why is fucking problems playing ahaha

Tatiana Diaz says:

I love my school ♥♡:)

labrizack says:

*** hating

labrizack says:

I serve lunch here at central and these students are awesome ! Good job seniors! This was very cute. These kids aren’t “future scum bags” majority of them are literally thoughtful happy and wonderful . Stop hosting bc you can’t have fun yourself!

Jean Joseph says:

“are” dont u mean our* dumass.. and u got the nerve to talk about my school system

Jean Joseph says:


luiscruzjr2013 says:

its Awesome

UnicornAssasin10 says:

Ok, first off,
1. I am especially not happy that they shared this “moment” with ME. I simply was humored at this foolish and idiotic behavior.
2. I’d consider these people “Hilldowners” and NOT “Hilltoppers”.
3. I have no “Central Pride” since I have nothing of it to be proud of.
4. I prefer lime green and silver.

UnicornAssasin10 says:

Judging by our current leaders, and being that Bridgeport is globally known as “The Armpit of Connecticut,” I’d say that I’d be pretty darn ashamed to have one of these childish people as a leader in my country.

UnicornAssasin10 says:

I wouldn’t say Bridgeport in its entirety because I have never gotten any grade below a B- or any conduct grades lower than a 2 (which means good).

UnicornAssasin10 says:

Naw man. Just tellin the plain out facts.

UnicornAssasin10 says:

Legendary for what?! It’s failing students??!!

UnicornAssasin10 says:

How do you know that we’re nonexistent individuals? If we were nonexistent then how are we commenting on this ridiculously immature video? What are you people, a bunch of kids who cant control their bodies???!!!

CalliTheScreamoKitty says:

1:30 - 1:55 Lmfao

Sans360 says:

Class of ’97 – Great Job!! Looks like you guys had some serious fun!

Robert Housey says:

ah, my old school! class of ’09 btw. you guys did good!

bakugancrazies0 says:

Omg is that mr Anderson at the beginning?! He use to be east havens principle so this is what he does at central now? Hum why did he not like east haven?

CraziiNaNa says:

This is their last year of high school and they came together to make something that THEY will always be able to look back on to remember THEIR senior year. Be happy they wanted to share that moment with YOU. With all that said Central Magnets C/o 06 congratulates all you seniors..Central Pride!!! Red and Black!!! Once a Hilltopper always a Hilltopper!!

CraziiNaNa says:

So adding the efforts of the magnet programs along with the students who are not in the program yet excel in their grades as well, I’d say these schools are pretty damn good. Just because they do not get the acknowledgements most suburban schools may get, DOES NOT mean these kids are “future scumbags” or have no future. Those making these comments should be ashamed of themselves for trying to discourage OUR future leaders.

CraziiNaNa says:

I think you guys did an amazing job and contrary to what certain commenters may think, these high schools are are definitely not “shit schools” and not all of the parents of these students are on welfare that OUR taxes pay for. Each of these high schools have a magnet program which encourages their students to excel in their classes and a large percentage of these students do graduate with good grades and go off to college and many of them do so with scholarships THEY’VE earned….

isaac nieves says:

Supposed to be 30 seconds.

brothaTEE says:

U wrong paul lopez… get ya facts right

brothaTEE says:

Class of 2000…. good job “13!!!!

West103 says:

Class of 05 is here!! When we doing this??

hisroyalty86 says:

Class of 05 Lets Go

David John says:

@Maddenboy456 so regular central students cant go to college?

Takinaisms says:

I am a CHS grad, c/o 2010, and I’m currently enrolled at the University of CT. That said, if this video came from any predominantly White school it would be regarded as creative and hilarious, so spare me. They were just having fun and this doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of their education or the state of their homes.

I think the video was great & kudos to you all for organizing it and participating!

Essence Mack says:

Yo Fuck you peolpe who think my home town sucks ok man me and my friends and every student in bridgeport have good grades and were BOSS so suck a DICK!

Essence Mack says:

My friends brother is in this he is the one in boxers with a yellow shirt humping a dude just full blow humping 🙁

bibilicious13 says:


Gabriel Jackson says:

LOL what’s wrong with welfare anyway? In the words of ODB its free money haaa

overdose894 says:

Yo fuck every1 hatin this my skool idgaf

portmoreempire70 says:

well we all know this high school is one of the worst performing high schools in the entire state. Bridgeport students are horrible

Rhee Brooks says:

Yall killed it … bpt native .. class of 09′ offically salute 13′ Lol

paul lopez says:

future inner citty scum bags. most of these students parents are on welfare section 8 and food stamps. these are the typical left wing people who are tax money go to no wonder there school system sucks in bridgeport

Muhammad Naeem says:

I love this!! GO CENTRAL CLASS OF 2013!!!

destineysoler says:

@killertemper stfu

laudi gray says:

I just wanted to say how happy I am to be part of this AMAZING class of 2013 and even happier to be part of Central High school. It really should’nt

laudi gray says:

I lo

killertemper says:

You should be proud, you couldn’t get into anything else.

killertemper says:

Way to prove the ‘negative comments’ right.
‘Class of 2013 is doing big things’. A Harlem shake video is a ‘big’ thing? Lmfao, this school is total shit

killertemper says:

That’s only because No Child Left Behind is still in affect. Even the ghetto kids can make their tiny efforts to graduate high school

killertemper says:

This person is lying, this school and all the schools in the city are shitty.

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