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The Barsky Show gives listener Carol her very first lapdance!


TheAgent181 says:

I don’t get girl on girl lapdances. They’ve got no penis so what the fuck do they feel?

NiceAndDirty1 says:

That yellow bitch is killing my fucking boner

Goofy Aguilar says:

u want a lap dance/// lol

piou pistold says:

lucky carol…

Waz ramzi says:

and thats when she realise she was a lesbian


esas dos echenmelas al tsuru !!!!

megusta297 says:

Fap timee

Jenny Please says:

A strong imaginary boner <3!

loserposer22 says:

Who invited the yellow thing?

Soleyman Same says:


Roscoeniqqa22 says:

oh dayumm

spyfye i says:

fapcave, here i come!

taylorgang1140 says:

That is so hot!!!

3094brenda says:

lmao 2:18

yuppitfellingit says:

I wish I was carol Right Now

TheSaintsParty says:

What’s the name of the blonde stripper?

Slare Lukuski says:

Joy to my penis

blueblue5566 says:

the girl in the yellow killed it

Nikki Love says:

yes! finaly a girl that knws how touse there titts durin the dance!

TheFxbizz says:

w w w . s e x t a m i n a . c o m

Julian Perez says:

Wow her boobs are huge wish I can touch the

mary lugosi says:

ridiculous …

Chuck Norris says:

My boner is strong with this video.

Dingerae tucker says:

that poor girl looks so awkward lol

alegriasdearte says:

Lol Warrant, the first time I heard this track I was a boy and I didn’t know even what a girl is.
And now I’m hearing it again on a lesbian lapdance video D:

thornemassassin says:

omg that is the hottest lesbian dance ive ever seen!

iLuVbETtYbOoP01 says:

Carol is the one who is sitting down having the lap dance…

moslem yakideh says:


Alice Williams says:

What i want to know which one is CAROL !!!!!!?????

Kathrine Conaway says:


55bloke says:

That’s one VERY lucky lady!!

twinkstance says:

nahh not yet, just warming up xD

chris girling says:


abel71565 says:

Umm im really horny any girls wana txt I have alot of cum

Macealynn says:

I wish that woman they’re giving the lap dance to would just throw her clothes off and show them how its done. >_> Amateurs… I should write porn.

levan gumby says:

it is not lap dance it is riding the cock

desiputtar says:

bitch in yellow needs to get the fuck out of the way!

Vanesa Nicole says:

her boobs are <3.<3

Bri Lui Parker says:

uh sir?… appear to be on the same page with the rest of us so stop complaining.

abel71565 says:

Omg I cumed:) wana see? Ha lol

anapaulaalvesvieira says:


Carlie Brown says:


Ayandolos says:

Thumbs up if you came:)

thedi1die says:

thumbs up if u watched it more than once 😉

HinakoShijou says:

song name ?

Ana Pérez says:

Are these hoes PREGO!? :o

Blitzed banked says:

your question also answers it.

Bryan Pratt says:

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