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Jazz Baptiste, Brencia Bienville and Kalila Green perform a hot and sexy Brazilian samba dance choreography created by Jazz Baptiste for Academy Ballroom Cum…


ENTERSC4 says:

Ah, delícia… Que morenas lindas!
Very nice! Beauty girls… I want to me… rsrs

nickyjam770 says:

Nice but too skinny

kika beressi says:

love samba!!!!!the dance of my life congrats girls i’ll follow your steps!!kisses from Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Brazil

Rick Kloosterhuis says:

There is one thing all Brasilian girls have…BOOTY

gabriel ortencio says:

hi jazzbaptiste, you are beautiful

Lianna Khachatryan says:

song plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

QuoVadis Estell says:

I’ve met Jazz very sweet lady and pretty and good performer!

unitedcheerofaurora says:

Hi I just wanted to know name of this song… It is so hard for me to find good music to practice to. 

SuperDiva9100 says:

how do u check how many likes u get on a comment u posted?

SuperDiva9100 says:

20 likes, I will dance the samba to my mom
30 likes I will dance the samba to my bff
40 likes I will dance the samba to my crush
50 likes I will dance the samba in front of my whole class during gym

sexyazzmami420 says:

Awesome! Where was this filmed?

Alexis Torres says:

Who sings this song?

Isabel McConnon says:

I could stay the whole day watching these three so amazing dancers, that I wouldn’t be tired of it., especially the girl in orange dress, what a beautiful smile she has. Spectacular! Not that exageration of showing off the only nude bodies, but we can see the real Brazilian Samba.

Isabel McConnon says:

I love to watch you all dancing the samba; It has been such a pleasure to see a big smile in your face. Congratulations!

JazzBaptiste says:

Hi! I am sure that you have already completed your report but this video was shot on Sunday, April 28th, 2009. Please let me know more about your report that you are included this video in. Thank you.

danceethrulife3 says:

Hi, I am using this video for a report I am doing. But I need to know the exact day this was performed. Can you tell me what day it was??

tonirae916 says:

U can’t touch this

JazzBaptiste says:

You should be so proud of her! She is a very good Brazilian Samba dancer!

JazzBaptiste says:

Obrigada. Thank you. : )

JazzBaptiste says:

Muito obrigada. Thank you very much! We love Samba and definitely appreciate the African influences in the dance and culture. : )

JazzBaptiste says:

at Party City. Its called Sexy Gold Strap On Sandal. You can order them online for only $29.99. They are great for photo shoots and short performances.

elizaburnette14 says:

whered yu guys get the long heels?

127quinn says:

i like african dance the dance styles that comes from africa is lovely…I am an enthusiast these girlsare great and theya re beautiful also great jobs…

Leo Costa says:

É samba, eles só adicionaram coreografia com uma batida remixada.

Micheli3040 says:

Isso não e samba

divineangel73 says:

they were so good! girl in the orange was the best!! awesome!!

weykmanfr says:

are they brazilian?

ositaberlinesa says:

la musica o batucada no es muy bonita…sino super!

FYPNLP says:

bravo ladies…bravo!

Khemistry101 says:

Lord, have mercy!!

aphroditedancer says:

Great job!  I enjoyed watching this.

marcelocuicas says:

que rica estan esas garotinhas

Gilson Nascimento says:

mey loke ig, love mim trank in cali?

Priscille EC says:

da girl in da middle is sooo gooodd….theyve all gots nice bodies!!!

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