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this is link to my daylimotion chanel


Globez123 says:

Lovely booties!

estephdannetteb says:

1, 000’s Of 100 % free Live Girls On Web cam

KaizaOmega says:

1:48 Brazil Rocks!! (Y)

kyrkid blaze says:

boner alert !!!!!!

0ckwa says:

This music isn’t right…

daniel1982641 says:

one day I’m gonna fuck all these girls with my 12 inch cock

DudeOfX says:

hehe 🙂
but its not about how big they are… there is an element of balence in porpotions and a grace in movement… its an art…

Alejandro Castagna says:

No todas son Brasileras, hay muchas bailarinas que son de un programa Argentino llamado pasion de sabado donde pasan bandas de cumbia!

MrTrackfreek says:


Tyler Lavallee says:

My Penis Brought Me Here!

sousacugerdan says:

Experience The Company Of Hottest Cam Girls

rudinei henrique says:

pela sua cara deve morar na rosa mulher assim ai é dificil…. mas fazer oq ^^

dav melzav says:

essas nalgas aplauden

Tamykaze says:

U need to have money for sure mrcypherup!!! U need to pay for whores anywhere!!! Cuz u can’t get a real woman with your little brain, and probably small other thing!!!

MrCypherup says:

Brazilian whores everywhere..they`re easy to get just show ur passport and some money…but remember to bring a thick rubber their asses are powerful a commom one isn`t strong enough.

Tamykaze says:

Now, about the black and white stuff…. here there are all tipes of people! The indians were here, then came the portuguese, africans, italians, germans, japaneases….. Of course we are mixed! I’m white, with italian and german descent for sure! Cuz my relatives came to brazil running from the first war. But I probably have some portuguese, african, and spanish descent, cuz I cannot tell for sure where my grandfather’s relatives came from.

Tamykaze says:

About the girls…. there are bitches here, like in the US and all over the world. But one thing is a fact we can shake our asses, but we don’t shake our asses rubbing on the guy’s dicks in the nigth clube like in the US. And the american girls hit on the guys a lot more than brazilians, in Brazil the guys come to talk with the girls not the opposit . It’s easier to kiss a girl here, but it does NOT mean that you’ll bring her home! And we don’t almost have sex on the dance floor like in the US.

Tamykaze says:

I’m Brazilian and I lived 1 year and a half in the US! I typed brazilians to see what was gonna show up here on youtube…. and yeap… It’s a shame all those asses on TV! Our TV is a piece of crap, but there are a lot of crap on TV in the US too, but thinks are not so sexual and explicit in innapropriate time like here.

Teibor Jose says:


Carlisle Miller says:


Raul Silva says:

Chora gringo!

ruddiato says:

i wanna cum inside them

Logan800 says:

u have to fill out to much shit fuck that!

getyoasshome says:

ok……….so are you done?

getyoasshome says:

why are you still talkin? move on…

whitesmith bonesdark says:

all dat azz dat da pope an vatican can never haves!!!

nazar khan says:

nyc dance

Washington Silva says:

Why is not this song they are dancing!

getyoasshome says:

you can’t even spell…get that right first…till them..keep yappin.

getyoasshome says:

man…..SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! nobody cares to speak to your limited ass anymore…you’re done. you claim to you been to brazil…ok so what…i taught there…you’re just mad because you havent read enough books and failed college.

getyoasshome says:

man….i dont give a damn about what you’re talking about…you’ve already proved to be uneducated and ignorant….as soon as you called the panthers racist i knew you were a clown and lacking small information that is right in your face…

Alan Lopes says:

I love Brazil !!!!!!!

getyoasshome says:

not those kind of stories lol

ARMONI555 says:

ok , i was looking for some good stories from you , are you telling me you don’t have any ?

Teddy Ruxpin says:

It’s too bad the music dosen’t match the dancing! What’s up with that?

ImSowr says:

i find this quite fascinating.

getyoasshome says:

honestly i dont know lol i didnt see any hookers where i was but im sure they’re there….

ARMONI555 says:

paying for it seems so unsporting , i was told go during carnival that is the time you will likely get laid. also aren’t the hookers there grimy looking ? i mean can you honestly get a clean looking gorgeous woman there that’s a prostitute ?

getyoasshome says:

i didnt go to far as the women…women are women some are nice some aren’t they’re no different than women anywhere else. they are nice but they wont just let you screw them lol of course you have to pay if they’re prostitutes but they’re prostitutes everywhere.

ARMONI555 says:

oh so you have to pay to get some ,, that’s not cool ..i know that’s easy but i thought the native women were friendly ……how about during carnival ?

getyoasshome says:

i dont know about all that LOL!!!!!!!! maybe so maybe no…depends on the person you are and what your intentions are…anyone can get laid for a few dollars LOL!! but if you’re trying to meet a woman thats feasible.

ARMONI555 says:

so i heard its so easy to get laid there is that true

getyoasshome says:

yeah a few times i love it!!! if you have not gone…GO!!!!!!! one of the most beautiful places ive been to. if i could have stayed longer i would…the women are beyond beautiful.

ARMONI555 says:

yeah , im sorry but white girls are not built like that either .. you can tell its in the genes… have you ever been there ?

getyoasshome says:

when you argue with your boss…ask him…where did that ass come from LOL!!! brazil is an excellent place…beautiful women, great food.

ARMONI555 says:

good next argument i get into with my boss im using you for backup , you have the credentials …… oh my god i have got to go to brazil

getyoasshome says:

aye i do what i can…i majored in african studies and got my masters in history…now….back to the that asses!!

ARMONI555 says:

yes , thank you for your info your very smart .

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