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awesome, yet hilarious song from the hooray for boobies album.


lineclear1990 says:

And i playing this song right now….RIGHT NOW

William Croskrey says:

Anyone ever have a Casio SK-1 Keyboard like the one used in the song? You could record your voice in them and play the notes on the keyboard. They cost like 20 bucks in the 80’s Totally epic for the song.

zeretil says:

I played this song on a schoolbbq last night, the teachers loved it. Don’t think they heard the lyrics 😀

JunglistJeff says:

i used to have this tiny little casio keyboard that make sick beats like this.

Jake Specht says:

I find this song is so much better when you cut out the chorus.

Deathsupon says:

cool story bro, changed my life.

beverfarfar says:

Hipster. Just disliking it cause it’s the most popular. 🙁

thxa says:

Where’s this melody from ?

Liam Sullivan says:

all the tracks on this disk are awesome, except for that discovery channnel one……

SmotPoker09 says:

I never thought missing children could be so sexy…. 😀
did i say that out loud?? :/

joe lane says:

Good stuff! I forgot all about those guys.

snowboardfamilyof4 says:

code blue – TSOL if you don’t know, search it.

scoobie331 says:

thanks man. i appreciate it.

HUSoldier66 says:

Necrophilia: because dead chicks can’t say no

Dante Mendoza says:

It was more of a turne on when I found out she was doing me to buy baby formula, LMFAO.

Ramon Martensen says:

You sir, earned my respect without knowing you!

P8ballhero says:

2:37 the ultimate fantasy….

G0dyo says:

Welcome to the internet

Wispunk says:


curtypoo87 says:


Kal bert says:

No… but that’s the least of your worries.

Aw0L74 says:

No, at that point it becomes necrophelia

Devin Litteral says:

lol inappropriate for…? Hope ya didn’t play ANY Bloodhound Gang song around your kids or grandmammy. The song is in no way inappropriate, only playing it in certain company… which, is the players fault.

YTmes says:

Sooner or later, Every Knee Will Bow, Every Tongue Will Confess That Jesus Christ is Lord — JESUS CHRIST IS LORD — MARANATHA

mr2sw20getoveriT says:


DleeJable says:

fuck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bob Frapples says:

this song is inappropriate

dirtywhiteboy5751 says:

Played this at work and people laughed their asses off then thought I was much weirder then they though.

Aaron Cantrell says:

lol why? It offend people? Those poor stupid little folks.

joe lane says:

Is it still considered rape if you kill’em first?

JBvampire11 says:

I meant stripper.. 

JBvampire11 says:

Isn’t this song called ‘A lap dance is so much better when the strpper is crying’ ?

Danibanez1990 says:

Do you know what is EVEN better…. killing babies.  killing babies then fucking them; i mean kewmown whats better than dead baby fun fuck party fun time?

obserien1 says:


Bucky96570 says:

34 strippers?

cazspazrazmataz says:

It’s hard to hide a hard-on when you’re dressed like Minnie Pearl.

LamonicBomb says:

A BJ is so much BEEETTER when da hooker is cryin’! Oh, it gives me quite THRILL, when she’s chokin’ against her will! I said a BJ is soo much BEEETTER when da hooker is cryin’!

SeonhwaDaDiscPriest says:

i play this song when i go to my local gentlemans club.

jmsmessner says:

how epic would a lapdance be to this song. and it is really hard to polish the one eyed weasel while holding a half gallon of milk while doing 70 in an 18 wheeler

andrewames247 says:

You got balls, dude…

vega92 says:

ft. and watch.

trappersgetmorebeav says:

lap dances are better when you puke beer in your lap and she puts her ass in it and you get kicked out lol

FruityLoopsDj says:

i want this song as my personal theme song…. like peter griffin, in that one episode ..

1lomofo1 says:

You mean “nigger”, not “nigga” Let’s get it right, and call them what they are…

IamTheNag24 says:

32 people did mot get a Lap Dance with Crying Stripper.

joer211 says:

Federal Communications Commission, it makes sure pple dont say fuck or drugs or nigga on the radio

lllnyxlll says:

ACE! 😀

bbbmoody says:

My thoughts exactly

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