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BEST Pole Dance Ever The showcase of the STARS Jenyne Butterfly “Pole Pressure” 2011 лучший танец на пилоне в исполнении Джении Produced and owned by iTac2Po…


sheadatear says:

No, she’s a pole dancer AND a pure-skilled, over flexible athlete. She can be both.

fawnomallyt says:

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Yvette Couvson says:

It’s always good to see art like this. She is a true performer!

Leah Inman says:

I get butterflies from ms. Butterflies performance. wooowwzaa

Kalkunmis says:

holy flexibility

Jeffrey Margavage says:

This video is incredible. Jenyne, you are amazing.

Samira Amirouche says:

my pussy brought me here !

Baducci Babe says:

“Dog Days Are Over” Florence and the machine

Fercho Reyes says:

Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion del video? (Anyone know the name of the song in the video?)

james163163 says:

she is a pure skilled flexible pole dancer

Studenti Socrada says:

Marry me?

LotharioRowe says:

360p? The Gods are a cruel bunch…

mybirthdayis420legit says:


Nilton Feitosa Feitosa says:

Talento p dar e vender, Uaauuuu!!!!

santinazfoosq says:

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Ibtisam70 says:

That was just so amazingly beautiful! 🙂

psychdancer0426 says:

Why are there so many dislikes? Are you freaking kidding me? Jenyne is the best there is in pole, a long with many other professional pole dancers.

sunlights0 says:

4:42 awkward moment where the next girl was about to perform and runs back

Alberto Toshishige says:


boxedwines says:

3:20 WTF wow

MightyElo says:

1:50 Started breaking the laws of physics.

4:05 Utterly smashed them XD

Маргарита Сухина says:

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teallaidh says:


David Mejía says:

Fcct! Bears! Beets! Battlestar galactica!

WhiteRabbitTricks says:


teallaidh says:

this is really gymnastics/acrobatics which already is, so no need

teallaidh says:

shes a gymnast

virtuagirls says:

Just wow!

Clara Chido says:

The Dog days are over- Florence and the Machine

Clara Chido says:

The Dog days are over- Florence and the Machine

shawnaleesmith08 says:

I can do that 😀 check my channel….NICE MOVES GIRL I def cant do that split thing tho 90 degrees from the pole. that one always blows my mind

kellster Jereb says:

Does anyone know the name of the song being played????

lume te says:

my idol

Nathan Nash says:

tinyurl . com / dxnnhnk

check out this girl on the pole she’s amazing!

smartbomb33 says:

Just think… some women do this naked. Crazy.

Nathan Reid says:


Nathan Reid says:

hearts she is so sxc n talented yummm

Nathan Reid says:

i love thisssss <33333

Charlie Landbrug says:

Butterfly… that name fits her perfectly… <3

Millena Aguilar says:

Pole dancers are athletes. It’s very painful but it’s so worth it.

Merielen Sabaini says:

Congrats! You’re an artist… Showing the world how to do that in a beautiful, sexy and amazing way, without being vulgar… You’re wonderful! 🙂

Catreenah says:

an artist and an athlete! bravo!

CRIOL89 says:

Вот это я понимаю называеться: АХУЕТЬ , дайте ДВЕ!

mlebacc14 says:


Allyssa Bolding says:

Dogs days are over – Florence + the machine

Tomáš Handlíř says:

Dej si na youtube do vyhledávače název videa: “Украина имеет талант – 5. Выпуск 2. Анастасия Соколова” 🙂

Adam Mukhriz says:

I need to hit the gym now.

Aneta Kovářová says:

amazing…… ♥

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