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In Morocco.


sakda pomongkol says:

Everywhere flow the craving-streams,
Everywhere the creepers sprout and stand.
Seeing the creepers that have sprung high
Do you cut their roots with your wisdom-knife.

steven khdiear says:

funny thing is that you are 2 dumb to to realize radicals. btw its not my religion. and what religion r u so called allowed to speak apon. as if you were any better. smoking weed, drinking, and ruing society.

DaTruth7969 says:

our slaves?? see the problem with your’ll dumb asses. You fools still living in mid evil times. Last time i check i wasn’t in chain and working in a farm for free. you get no respect cuz your religion is a joke

steven khdiear says:

you dirty un-cultured nigger, since u were our slaves u should atleast show some respect.

numidia nono says:

arab are caucasian -_-

sandy bell says:

Fuck you too nigga, why don’ you fuck yourself Bitch!!!!!!!

MrUnknownThinker says:

Not true nigger

akprice7777777 says:

Attractive Arabic women are my second favorite group of women…after attractive African/black women, then it’s attractive Latinas, Caucasian women and Asians.

DaTruth7969 says:

after that they gonna cut her beautiful head off. Fuck Islam

Amien Chenobyll says:

i wish i could fuck that body.

Bahrudin Rifa'i says:

join the rocking may not, in view of his sway

arif hidayat says:

masy allah

Mbando WatSan says:

wheer u frm Babe

Mbando WatSan says:

sooooooooo sweet soo lovely

partylastnite says:

wheres ur wifeee


BESHARAM, now get ur sexy @SS here ………

Andi Alfian says:


iwan prasetya says:

wooooowwwww big booooooobsss ilike this

aishahnarito says:

Good f fuck

kalpesh kavlekar says:

i never ever seen like this dance she is like wonder to me ,when show u baby i really get mad on you ,i show u 156 time and u never see me, i love u baby

Mark Materum says:

To be honest, she’s quite pretty, but as far as her dancing is concerned, Ive seen much better

ResDyno says:


kingbigdawg9 says:

i think your retarded and need to learn English. kthanksbye

syarif hidayatulloh says:

arabic women are not so sexy, but my own wife!! is it right ? what do u think ?

arif budiman says:


batmanrebuilt says:

want to marry this girl…will dance in front of me day and night

EoN604 says:

I have to admit, I would fuck that.

nikobellikk says:


batmanrebuilt says:

arab mf

joey143anna says:

yala to the kitchen..

hamzah pratama says:

what is this name song, please?

Maz Alriyami says:

arabs was the best nation in the world, Saddam RIP 🙁

pemuda lope says:

saha eta ngarana… beuuuhhh bening broooo

Bahr-i Mevvâc says:

İyisin iyi.Güzel her ülke de var.

roy bhadri says:

nice dance n woman

Raiihanah Raii says:

U know its a dance.
U see the title n thumb nail.
What do u expect? Clicked on this video…and then start blabbering about islam.
If ure so good..why u click on this video dumbass?!

Anyway…great dance!
Do all arab girls dance like tht? I need to learn this…

pintsize12 says:

i would definately want to meet her : may be she can teach me a few moves .

lambada1972 says:

This is about the dance nd not if she is muslim or not. Ppppppppppffffffffffff always this talk about religion. She is muslim, no she is christian !! Get a life !!

deadsoulvamp says:

great tits…. yummy…

Giovanni Gotti says:

why can’t she be muslim?

waleed sabir says:


Hidaya Zahran says:

yeahs… i guess so

Rationalthoughts209 says:

That’s not the point, she’s still arab though

Hidaya Zahran says:

she’s not belly dancing by the way she is just dancing the arab way 🙂

Hidaya Zahran says:

probably 🙂 

Rationalthoughts209 says:

She is most likely muslim. Most known Belly dancers are Muslim like Dina from EGypt

Hazel Zahran says:

she is obviously not Muslim. Not all arabs are muslim bro 🙂

kucai segar says:

IshtarBellydancer says:

beautiful and feminine dancer 😀

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