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it’s too much of a show but still really entertaining.


MohawkDiezelPower says:

The origins of Belly dance can be traced back to India… Banjara Dances…Nomadic professional entertainers Gypsies (Rom)

The history of middle eastern dance is intertwined with that of Gypsies in their various guises in each country they travelled through.They came from India and spread through Persia, Turkey, Arabia, Egypt Greece and through much of Europe To this day, many nomadic women bear hand and ankle tattoos thought to be Gypsy in design often a universal symbol meaning a traveler

rivlev8 says:

Thank you!

marulez7 says:

It’s called El Wala Wala by Hakim

Udaya Fonseka says:

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vijay0011000 says:

what? is it your eyes?

vijay0011000 says:

She has very beautiful belly and belly button 😉

Romina De la Fuente Villarroel says:

Rachel Brice <3

eethereal flux says:

fucking gross

rivlev8 says:

Does anybody know the name of the song that starts at 1:40?

EnoughAlready51 says:

Phenomenal dancers!

宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします says:


akxzfgkmnafamiiie says:


Natalie Ladines says:


Tara Carmichael says:

thank you :)

coldmemories1 says:

You can find it on youtube under : ” 1001 NIGHTS – Alf Leila We Leila “

coldmemories1 says:

Type : ” 1001 NIGHTS – Alf Leila We Leila ”
and there you go 🙂

Tara Carmichael says:

wats first song called?

vijay0011000 says:


evaki pap says:

Anima Annabi-Lirrili. Rachel Brice song 3:49

jasminmaria2 says:

olá! from brazil

youyousukidanedagaui says:


niliia frezh says:

como se llaman las canciones me podrian desir esque las nesesito para bailar un solo con mis compañeras plis diganme

Danne2904 says:

el baile es tribal pero la cancion…..??? sabes el nombre pls

Danne2904 says:

ojami chiky

Danne2904 says:

what’s the name of the first music?? pls

catalina isabel bakx aros says:

amo este video y…jilina es lejos la mejor bailarina que puedo ver


How is it too much of a show!!!!? ^___^ It’s extravagant!!!!! AND not to mention amazing!!!

laura gutierrez says:

her name is Sonia, she dances bellydance (obviously), bellynessian, indian, tribal and more. She`s an amazing girl and dancer!

Kássio Loureiro says:

alguém sabe o ano dessa apresentação?

Sarita Morrison says:

Si, si como se llama la primera cancion?

micaela rodriguez says:

como se llama la primera cancioon!! dignmeenn pliis

micaela rodriguez says:

como se llama la canciooon!!!????

abacaxidotcaxi says:

can anyone please tell me who is the girl that leads from 2:00, and which style is that, I find it elegant and composed. Thanks.

alicefaby says:

where can I see the rest of this show?

nana nanis says:

como se llama las canciones ?? porfavor!

SwordBellydance says:

Love this performance! Rachel !

DaughterOfTexas1 says:

For those who don’t the origns of why belly dancing came to be, it was use to help girls and women for child birthing!

ScorpionGirlabc says:

Thank you!

sknaha87 says:

Hey, have you seen this method called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look it up on google). My mother says it helps people lose pounds. What do you think?

poiredelune says:

Chicky by Oojami

ScorpionGirlabc says:

What is the name of the song on 06:00? would appreciate it! ♥

MEMO M says:

hi all
there is another type of belly-dancing its about moving ur hair
check it out

Ddan1elA says:

me urge saber donde puedo conseguir la ultima cancion ” Osea la precusion ” que toca issam ! se los agredeseria mucho ! si me ponen un link o me dan el nombre del sonido ! URGE!

Amanda Hutto says:

I admire the strength and control it takes to do the moves that Rachel does, but I can only watch her do the same exact moves so many times. Kind of a one trick pony. I prefer Sadie but I’m more of a traditional bellydancer.

GeordieTerrier says:

What the hell is this crap?!? First half of the vid I spotted at least two girls that clearly don’t even have the vaguest idea of what bellydance is, nightclub stiffness. Seriously those two like that had a total lack of any hip movements whatsoever, one was moving her upper torso when she was meant to be doing basic hip movements to try for the same look. Seriously send em back home where they belong. Some good ones here, not much I’d look up to though.

dhoakohime says:

totally agree..she is the only one that really seems to control 100% her movements and every muscle..the rest mostly shake their butts..=/

romeagiulia says:

Nike etc…sconosco queste marche , a cosa servono….forse tu sei una consumatrice di questi marche, capisco bene ….

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