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sanayazk says:

Easy to apply 🙂

Crystal DropsFall says:

You dance really like an Egyptian! wonderful!

boubouleverte says:

Very good and easy lesson.

iChiief says:

Her feet are hideous…

Ashley Cruz says:

You kinda look like Demi Lavato

pratanu banerjee says:

this is a truly wonderful and sexy dance….thank you for sharing…i also dance…

Debbie Hardwick says:


G-rad gb says:

i agree !!!

Shristi Prakash says:

so sweet

beamanieldaniel says:

She’s…Beautiful. (:

mcdudly00 says:

hahah XD

mcdudly00 says:

who gives a fuck  you stupid fucktard

Zeroc00l300 says:

The chick is not even a egyptian.

fjeljep says:

its so hypnotizing

Jonathan Crow says:

I can now do a sexy belly dance. Time to impress the ladies!

Ahmad El-Alfy says:

It’s “What moves she can do in bed”
Learn to use English you stupid fucktard

Hellgaming80 says:

i wonder wich moves she has in the bed… 😛

ggaspari75 says:

I find this incredibly easy to fap to

xxBoldxx says:

bunions !

MrLethalized says:

I guess there’s allways that one guy….

weeza80 says:

I want to jizz on those leggings

xoxKirahB00 says:

I dont know ..?. I got excited because i never notice little details like that (:

BrandiTheWizard says:

omg it is? really? who gives a fuck?

Just A Nice Woman says:

For everyone who is arguing on this dance being slutty or not, please do a little research on the origin of belly-dancing (Belidi, meaning my country) Yes, western society has made it slutty. Egypt of 1952 it was made illegal to show the stomach, so the dancers must wear a body stocking to cover up abdomen ( called 2 piece bedlahs) Originally, belly dancing was taught to the little girls! It was not perverted! They did this as entertainment at family parties. and This women is beautiful =D peace

xoxKirahB00 says:

i didnt mean to be rude 😮 I dont even know what i was thinking back then . I usually dont notice things like that , so i probably excited lol . And my brain isnt fake ! >:c

GoldKnifeXX says:

Her EVERYTHING is real!
obviously it’s your brain is fake 🙁

djsrn50 says:

haha that’s funny

creepycowpie says:

Men, Belly dance is an ART… not a slutty game

sam69tat says:

are you learning how to dance egyptian belly or looking for fake things? I think you got wrong place for that. Go and look how many silicone boobs and butts american ladies use! She is all natural! She is great dancer and teacher!

thealyblue13 says:

@xoxKirahB00 yes it iz she put it in a pony tail and pined it up with something i dont know what its called but i call it ‘the spider’ anyways her ponytail IS real.

xoxKirahB00 says:

Her ponytail is fake…look at 1:29

elleyncat23 says:

whats the drum song called that she uses when she starts doing to actual step?

sz42781 says:

Please,tell that to the pharaohs and while your at it dont dress in provocative outfits either.

Morganna Lefay says:

This is about female power , not about pleasing men,.

2ZoomZoomVA says:

Very nice, clean & clear.

sz42781 says:

129 thumbs up, “go shit in your hat”!

SugarSniper says:

gentlemen, this is how you piss off the ladies – say stuff like this

MakeshiftMisery says:

One should do things like this for themselves. Not simply to charm or please the opposite (or hell same) sex. :/ I mean, no big deal if you do it also to please someone, but that shouldn’t be your only reason for doing it.

Marymnmz says:

So happy that I’m Egyptian. :]


Attractive feet


joli pieds

RosesTreasureChest says:

It’s basic Egytian that can be used in Tribal and many other ‘styles’ too.

boninibelli says:

What style of dance is this basic egytian?

SleepyDancer says:

i am disgusted by most of the comments and remarks. this is a “how to” tutorial. Irina is a beautiful and accomplished belly dancer. She also dancers and teaches tribal fusion style. I believe her roots are in classical egyptian. She has wonderful form and definitely has a magical way of explaining each movement and connecting them to form a challenging yet attainable choreography. Thanks to the person who posted this and her other videos.

sinobay says:

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BunBun744 says:

sooo easy for me 

msjazzib says:

i agree with the moroccan who commented before, although, i’m american, i can do this also, some people are natural to all kinds of dance and anyone can learn 🙂 , now i’m going to make a playlist out of all the vids to see if i can learn something new, can’t wait 😀 !!

Nadia Dorah Al-Attas says:

and if you do it frequently, You’ll get nice body shape too… like me, dah :p hehe

afinitimyob says:


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