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This is part one of three of the Pure Sweat DVD from the Belly Dance Fitness for Weight Loss DVDs with Rania.


Laxmi Machamasi says:

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Doris Anderson says:

seems like a great video! fun and relaxing ^_^

Raoden01 says:

Only the one in the front is capable … Look at 1:58 for example, the 4 in the background are killing their knees and their lower back slowly

Marius Barbu says:

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dcdhanushka says:

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Robert Swanson says:

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seemetrolling smith says:

‘You can bellydance to any kind of music’

Do it to Slayer or Morbid Angel and I’ll be very impressed!

Bodu Bala says:

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theNianda says:

All four Rania videos: belly dance bogie, hip drop, pure sweat, cardio shimmy and are now available on App Store.. For £1.99 ! Perfect for iPad.

Takahoshi Yamatoi says:

I would be the only one in there with flared bellydancing pants i love the frillies!

DisneyandXDfan says:

Great! I bought this and now it’s on YouTube!

sumusheng says:

where are the other parts? :(

stevenrijones says:

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Eve Harlowe says:

I Love bellydance workout’s but….What’s up with the music it classes so bad with the mosts. Bellydance can be very strenuous but it’s not Salsa . I hope I don’t come across as rude thats not my intent. I was just excited till I heard the music.

ladyslipper72 says:

Great for stretching, before dancing!

Sexygracie1688 says:

After I gave birth I did this every day for 4 months and lost all my baby weight I love this dance its great for the love handles Im just wondering if I would be able to see more videos like this

Eberhard Keller says:

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GluttonForSex says:

Arab girls are absolutely gorgeous. 🙂

21nananana says:

You can download real player, and then download right from youtube, if you have internet explorer…

tiame16 says:


Laura Early says:

I was thinking that… I watched the whole workout waiting for some proper belly dancing techniques to kick in, but obviously it doesn’t. This is just a “legs, bums and tums” session with a few hip-swings thrown in, – you cannot call it belly dancing.
Way to miss-sell. -.-‘ x

ha6464 says:

Hey there, glad you like! I’d love to email you the file but it’s much too big for an attachment, even by splitting it into smaller files. Sorry, but let me know if you have any other alternative.

AnechkaK7 says:

Hi I like this. would you be able to email me the whole workout video by any chance?

scarlet0077 says:

whats the name of the background music?i like it!haha

Randine Westgate says:

This is terrible. There is no REAL belly dancing technique involved… when you move your lower body your upper is to be completely STILL.. That’s why they are isolations… one girl is bouncing around like mad… these are aerobics people pretending to be belly dancers….YUCK… watch real dancers and you will see what I mean.

Anggoro Sedjati says:

Hi! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

TheMrsNikk says:

i like the workout but i seriously dont like her ..

crob647gtx says:

The girl up front is so hot. Watching girls dance like this makes me hard.

deb w says:

I remember recording her (Rania’s) videos on my VCR. The videos were available on one of the fitness channels on cable.


do pushups and lift weights and stretch periodically throughout 😉 lol

Godfavorabletome says:

thank you an you can check these videos out at the library also

corneliaomir says:

this is a great idea.. specially when you’ve played the video a million times and you’re tired of the piano demo

ZaniahShakur says:

The girl in front look like she was about to faint trying to look sexy.

jecraw18 says:

i want dat… i really like it..

ha6464 says:

Hi everyone, if you’re working out to this, try the playlist on my channel so you don’t have to click for the next video each time. Hope it makes working out more enjoyable!

Charity17022 says:

OMG I remember when I first learned how to belly dance I was on Comcast On Demand and I saw this!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 This beginning video was the start of my belly dance OBSESSION!!!!!! 😀 <3

cowangel1 says:

Just started to Belly Dance. This video is great for the begginer, so easy to follow.

mslyss1 says:

the girl on the far right, and the one in the back far left are the best of them..

Wilddornrose says:

What does this have to do with belly dance?.. She calls us to do a plie.. ballet move..


enimcbeal says:

who the hell said that belly dancing is just belly moving? after 2 parts of that training I’m soaking wet! Hope to lose some weight 🙂

Pamela Van says:

I am 62 and I belly dance with Rania every day. I have one CD and plan on getting more. I know a 95 year old lady who danced in full outfit for her 95 birthday party.

denisprowl says:

I love Rania she’s a good Turkish dancer and teacher too!
thanks ha6464


el 13 d octubre d 1991 un niño llamado nick se abento d un puent debido a proeblemas familiares si lla leistes esto deves copiar y pegar en otros 5 videos o si no nick vendra x tu familia haslo o moriran x favor hasme caso yo lo lei y lo ise y si es verad …la familia d un amigo …………….

aakisweety says:


blackmagek says:

the woman speaking is trying to hard to be sexy

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