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Close This intermediate or beginner level salsa dance lesson video we show you two ways to sneak turns into a salsa dance move to change …


unicyclepeon says:

Thanks! I like that you also went through the move On 2 as well. I currently only dance On 1 but this will be a great comparison to help me when I branch out! Thanks!

radiocfg says:

Learn to dance salsa…

salsakenn says:

el hablador La Poncena

Nguyễn Đức Long says:

I so like your lesson. Now, i’m learning your style by i like it. I wish you will have more and more lesson share for everybody. Thanks for your share.

Ksh Mudiyandelage says:

Really good the way you teach !!

poorgretchenweiners says:

thanks for your videos. im a female and my husband doesnt know how to dance, so i gotta lead lol. your videos come in handy 🙂

imogapils says:

LOL, pwned him there good Anthony. 😀
BTW, thanks for all your vids – am 6 mths into learning salsa, and your instructions help a whole lot in cleaning up techniques, as well as learning new moves. Oh, and bring back Melanie, she’s hot!
Greetings from Australia.


Why aren’t you continue with Julie? :( I loved her!

BujinkanTurkiye says:

Excellent..I think I got it already now I will do this on my practice class 🙂

iluvswim326 says:

i love dancing with a partner, but there is a problem..i don’t have a PARTNER !!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon Richards says:

you are awsome teachers i go to a studio but your combos are the ones i seem to do when i go to the clubs thanx for the videos!


Julie Merrill says:

No estaremos en Las Vegas esta vez, pero si vienes al Festival de San Diego en septiembre, vamos a estar ahi y podemos bailar! -Julie

Aztecabrn says:

Que chido, me gustan tus videos, si vienes al congreso de Las Vegas talvez podamos intercambier algunas palabras,bueno gracias.

apersaud says:

Don’t you mean “CUATRO”?

In salsa dancing, the counts 4 and 8 are implied and are not mentioned unless they are necessary. Please see our beginner videos for more information.

TragicBetrayal says:

uno dos tres QUATRO!!!!

say QUATRO!!!

musclemania30 says:

I think I can get this move. Been taking Afro Cuban Salsa lessons for about 3 months now maybe more and I catch on pretty quick. Keep these videos coming!

apersaud says:

Thanks for reminding me. I added the song info on our website but forgot to add it here. (It is now added in desc)

testinutube says:

Although I didn’t learn a lot from this particular vid, I’m more than happy to see the frequency of you releasing new vids augment so much recently! Great job – keep it up!

David Kariuki says:

Awesome! BTW what song is playing at the beginning?

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