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Basic belly dancing moves in the Arabic style include the hip slide, the hip twist and the figure-eight. Wear a hip scarf when learning Arabic dance moves wi…


Pavitraa Ravinthran says:

i followed this and know i can shake… this is so awesome… thanks for the publishing!

vasopavlidou says:

you are great you move your body like snake i admire you i love your videos i wish i could dance like that

deepthinker612 says:

I’m just starting with belly dance. About how long does it take to become familiar with each isolated muscle group? I’m trying but it seems as if my entire body gets into the motion. I can’t seem to isolate anything at all.

SuperMarChom says:

How you can talk and doin’ that ? ‘:OOO

Julie Moll says:

Beautiful!! Wish I could do that! “old fashioned typewriter” ?- How do you remember that? You’re not that old!!:)

Brett Long says:

Clear teaching, gonna see if this helps my latin and hip hop :)

voxelvixen says:

thats so hard to follow exactly

nilukagamage11 says:

Hom fand

Madhuri Pawar says:


rimi dey says:


Dinocrap1101 says:


Maya Marbury says:

Nice Tat

Shafiq Ahmed says:

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Sahira BellyDance says:

Did you know you can study with me LIVE and INTERACTIVE online? 🙂 All you need is a webcam and wi-fi and we can dance together from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to belly dance today!

ali jee says:


ynz aydın says:

turkısh dance

natalia andrea fernandez hau says:

this easy

imsoofficialx says:

So hard tryna learn this

Catherine Klassen says:

There are a lot of different types of dance studios in Texas, especially the bigger cities, which are more “northern” than most of Texas (Austin is honestly the best place in Texas). There are also a lot of very active communities here from Thailand, India, Korea, and Nigeria (at least in the big city areas where I’ve lived, and that varies from where you go). Smaller towns would probably not be the best place for a belly dance studio, but in Houston it might do pretty well. 🙂

jreesali77 says:

Stupid dance Arabic #1 don’t even try

bigman1171 says:

arab & turkish women cant belly dance for shit. egyptians may have invented belly dancing but the iranians and indians perfected the true sensuality and eroticness of the womens belly. arab & turkish bitches are fat nasty cunts that think theyre sexy just like westernized women

joxxa435htw says:

hi. im trying to learn belly dance at home. can you help me what to learn first? i really dont know anything yet

Taffy1016 says:

Wow I feel like i’m a pro now! Hahaha, all jokes aside this was really helpful. Thank you so much!

RayyRayy6 says:

Very helpful THANKS !

xxbigkisses says:

smooth moves !!

xxxxSiLlYcHiLdxxxx says:

U make it look so easy! :'(

GiovannatheSTRONG says:

I did the hip slide and my back popped! Lord, I need to work out (@[email protected])

nextel522 says:

She seems to be a very good teacher, besides her belly button is mesmerizing!


I nvr knew this was in Texas, if I did I woulda been there everyday !! XP

HybridD91 says:

Belly dancing in Texas? How do they stay in business? 

Gabriela Diaz says:

-.- 10 moves for begginers ? u have to watch the video like 10,000 times to try 1 move lol

tinaamaya says:

looks so simple!! But I think I will need thousand hours for do it if not right, at least start moving lol.

xtraxearthling says:

BASIC? bitch please. i cant even run the mile -_____-

Sofia Rehman says:

Omg she has a tattoo. Que jevi! xdd

djice todorov says:

you can not dance

mab5247 says:

She moves her body like a snake! 😀

kiara merchant says:


MsPinkladyapple says:

is it weird that I knew this just naturally since I was little, I didn’t even know I was bellydancing till someone mentioned it to me, you’re awesome though! (:

gjergji007 says:

nice camera

Allison Cea says:

She looks a bit like Jessica Alba

IsmailGreatMind says:

I’m Arab and i say that’s a hot Arabic Belly Dance !!

ladyjosephinelover says:

holy crap she’s gorgeuos1!!!

Seaflowerr says:

the chest slide is easy for me because in persian dance we use that but hips no, 😀

lyktht45 says:

Jessica Alba :O

XPeaceLoveAndPinkX1 says:

shes amazinggg

shetazz98 says:

Love the outfit 🙂 Whomever did the vidio tapeing did a good job. Good descriptions of movements.

kellynichole93 says:

that’s impossible for me!

gogohirahira1 says:

at last! i found the best, thank you

mrslovegame935 says:

Does anyone know how to protect spine during the bellydance?

hottluv32 says:

OMG. Your control is amazing! Who taught you and when did you first learn?!

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