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FUN! Brasilian dance. I do it all the time. So why not on youtube? Olha ahi! eu dançando academia do creu mesmo!!! rrsrs.


916nene says:

Bom trabalho, eu gosto. você deve vir ao Brasil e devemos dançar juntos

Nika Rey says:

hahahah.. Thanks.
Thanks for the love. If you have any suggestions about any dances i should do in a next video.. let me know. i HONOR the brazilian opinion. lol.. hahah..
Feliz Páscoa. Fica com deus. bjs

Nika Rey says:

cv=cape verdian?

não.. não sou de capo verde não. rsrs.. Americana… mas amo brasil. 🙂 Sou quase brasileira. rsrs

Nika Rey says:

THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENT! I really appreciate it! btw… whats cv? aha.. sorry.

Nika Rey says:

ok… i can take a joke. but… if you were my FRIEND.. like if i KNEW you.. then im sure i would have taken that better. I dont TRY to speak a third language, i DO speak three languages. Spanish, Português and English. Don’t really know where you were going with that one. And i do a lot of funny things… kinda like this video. Are we done here? lol.

jhavyu says:

ja ja ja ja come on Miss America its a joke, dont you get it? and I am very sorry for my poor english skills, at least I try to speak a third language, how many languages do you speak missy? or should i ask, how many funny things do you do? Anyway, if not dont accept jokes you shouldnt post any videos. See ya, good luck. (Ya = you, just in case.)

Nika Rey says:

Im gonna assume that jhavyu is not of this country (America) due to his pooooor english skills. lol. NICE INSULT. ahahahah.. (loser)

jhavyu says:

Its not fixed yet, you are still with the monkey costume………..

Carol da Silva says:

are u brazilian?

lilaraujo90 says:

lmao wooow nika
that wuz funny haha

Phoebe Menacherry says:

what is wrong with this fricken computer?!
youre the dumbest
person ive ever met
i love you

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