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A request !!!!


Hasani Jackson says:

you have a nice voice & um sexy dancing

Amaziing Alee says:

Your mom must be proud

Nathan rivera says:

your cute dnt listen to haters girls i would make love to u and fuck u lol nice body

Artemio Morales says:

ugly ass bitch

ThatShitiCantStand says:

One word to describe your dancing…flawless :]

Jaime Castillo says:

You can dance but still youre ugly as shit

SarcasticDragonfly says:

Only virgins would make these comments.

jaywizz17 says:

id still work you ._____. lol

jiff002 says:

that was hot.. how old are you?

thefpc123 says:

i wanna give u this hard dick

leon323 says:

you move so sexy

Sam Kumar says:

Msyb u shud grow sum ass first

181grisa says:

You’re gorgeous !

Guera loca says:

nice to know.

yamahatmax says:

te daba pero bien bien duro mami

Droga Shabu says:

flat ass but pretty face nonetheless 

Eso Phagus says:

where is Enawenenawe’s comment?

Marco Fernandez says:

I’d fuck you so hard

Inyan eagle elk says:

Dumb bitch

bigsyko01ify says:

Nice moves…

RAY PAUL says:


tdstryke says:

if you were my girlfriend, i would let you F#ck other men just so i could watch! I Love You!

angelica20127 says:

I love yur dance moves yu have a nice body (: can yu make a video dancing to rupee-slow motion (: please

mg8927 says:

Girl not tryna sound like a Perv or nuthin ma… But You got A Sexy Ass 😉

mrrabbit08 says:

Nice chroe,:)u havefb?instagram

DaLocKer23 says:

Facebook please?!!!!

DaLocKer23 says:

Please say you have Facebook!
Write me honey so we can talk!

victor homan says:

ohhh my god your soooo beautiful i love you girl i love those moves too! <3

war0991 says:

wow !! i love this !!

mrrabbit08 says:

Hey u shud check out my channel

mrrabbit08 says:

Hit me up @my channel you noe how to move that thang girl;)yeahh im a chroegraher

Mariotario123 says:

Nice vid hun but no lie im in love with those eyes and that smile:)

Jacob Rivers says:

One word. Damn

senoribiza says:

O (to the) MG. an effortlously nice pereo dance. I am have subscribed.

Light Yagami says:

I agree with Enawenenawe =D

D Rosales says:

Enawenenawe omg your such a nice guy
lol thanks for the sweet comment
and it makes me feel better about myself
i love and nejoy talking to you 🙂
TEAM Enawenenawe 🙂

FineLatinaGirls says:

incredible sexiness!

mamuburns says:

your best video so far please do more

idiiidit says:

fuck…me you are pretty

luvabs78 says:

looking great!

D Rosales says:

sorry it took so long but i THANK everyone for all the wonderful comments i will be making new videos and i hope you all enjoy them

RaveRev2 says:

hot from head to toe

MegaDRDANCE says:

love the way you move

StephSisselMG says:

such a body! 

Mikederuckk says:

god ur so super sexy hot beautiful!

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