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Girl’s Generation’s Yoona, Yuri and Hyoyeon dancing to Deja Vu at chocolate 100411 SNSD SBS Chocolate Performance Deja Vu.


Kristy Tran says:

Hyoyeon! <3 she's so passionate when she dances! i love herrr so much ^_^ unni fighting!

GirlWhoLovesKpop00 says:


Xquixiteify says:

Is there any link to the full performance?

Mohaned Dwibi says:


Alexandra31T says:

Beyonce – Deja Vu

Kai Kawaii says:

Why is it that the camera mostly looks at Yoona ):

Mohaned Dwibi says:

what is this song

HetJfan says:


Ximena Mejia says:

HYO♥ Dancing Queen

Jacob archer says:

oh my god. you must not even be human. just kidding lol but yoonyul is my OTP so im kind of extremely biased towards them.

Jacob archer says:

sexy does fit Yuri well but I’m just used to her funny dorky side but Yoona is just cute and adorable. sexy just doesn’t seem right on her after all the times that I’ve seen her being her adorable self.

Kwaviddong says:

I dont… Well yoona is pretty but I like tiffany taeyeon sooyoung and yuri better..

EnkaiNami says:

Yuri’s image is kind of the “sexy” one (otherwise she’s also dorky and funny, too). This fits her perfectly, IMO.

dunetiger says:

Me.  haha

Jacob archer says:

yuri and yoona look great but this really doesn’t fit their personality. its really weird to watch them dance like that.

Jacob archer says:

who doesn’t have a thing for yoona.

candyramirz912 says:


Kristian Dimitrov says:

LOL how can they dance like that on 10 cm heels

hollyvelocitygrl says:

Say what was the performance at the start before featured? (thnx)

sydney nguyen says:

Not like yoona

dunetiger says:

Camera clearly got a thing for Yoona.

EvilVoodooGirl says:

0:54  want to kiss yuri’s neck

QuYnh TiGer says:


Toni Livingston says:

Boohoo for all you cray people who think Yoona even touches Hyo in this performance. Shes a sensible dancer, but she lacks expression and real joy here, while you could clearly see that Hyo enjoyed what she did. Plus she was dancing in WAY higher heels.

amarin kamkhan says:

Yoona Cute

maiko vang says:

YOONA,YURI best ever beautiful cuteness

earl jan estonilo says:

were not looking for their face! because they are all beautiful! don’t just look on what are they look for, beauty is their part but were talking on TALENTS!!!!

June Lam says:

HyoYeon’s sexy =)

Tiffany Ng says:

孝渊 <3

206soulsearching says:

sexy ass hell

ayoitskayla says:

The cameraman is really pissing me off, I want to see all of them dance not just yoona!

donaibtysam says:

Yuri  sexu

EnkaiNami says:

IMO, Yoona’s body wasn’t the issue in this dance. Sooyoung is the skinniest member, but I think she would fit in better here. She can do sexy effortlessly, and she’s very thin.
I just think Yoona’s more lovely/pretty than sexy. Her expression shows elegance, shyness, sweetness, just not sexy.

WhitePaintbrush says:


Salsabila Andara says:

YoonA and Yuri should switch their dress lol

AnimeLovero3o says:

Hyo, is so cute with her bangs<3!! I love Hyoyeon.

diaoestgurl says:

Hyoyeon is the best dancer, and Yuri is sexiest. Peace

ALittleBubble7 says:

I did not say she’s not able to dance, of course not. I really admire Yoona. I’m just saying that It would be proporcional if it was the 3 best bodies of SNSD

Kristine Mel says:

I like YoonyulHyo, but favorite dancer is Yoona. Yoona is a wonderful and great dancer!..super perfect dancer is Goddess Yoona. ♥

Nelson Rongert says:

The cameraman has good taste. great job cameraman.
I can’t stop watch Yoona’s dance…she is sexy and perfect dancer!.

Camy Cacciatore says:


aLeXjhec says:


Graf Dmitrio says:

Заверните мне все три пожалуйста ))

massivesweatyninja says:

Hyoyeon is the best easily, she is by far the least popular member and by far the best dancer, but some people in these comments still try to take that away from her? lol gtfo she is the best and always will be.

orangedaysable says:

I’m feel sad when see fan’ s SNSD have a Battle story of “Yoona camera zoom”
But. Everyone know Yoona acting of mood perfect.

CounterLogicPanda says:

0:32 Hyoyeon smile. <3

Nikolaus Booth says:

Dat hyoyeon tho

23babocheoreom says:

Yuri isn’t less popular than Hyoyeon.
But you’re correct that whenever there’s “dancing” is mentioned, people think of Hyoyeon (TV shows, for example).
But I’m in the same boat with you, whenever GG is dancing, I always stare at Yul for longer than any other member 😀

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