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This is one of the greatest dance vids I’ve ever seen so I wanted to share it with you,guys. I started learning Zumba lately and I found this vid that shows …


hillmodel says:

name the song please.

Eva ZBandana says:

The girl in white-Tanya Beardsley !!!! 🙂

teiteiboo says:

Arabian Myth…it’s shown quickly near the beginning of the video. I missed it too!  🙂

azjoyjoy says:

love it! Have added to my zumba playlist! thanks.

teiteiboo says:

Which ZIN CD is this from? Thank you.

tamarica1003 says:

great! which song is this?

bellydancefabulosity says:

the girl in white looks like she does a lot of samba

katana229 says:

what a good video

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