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Zumba Battle in the Middletown. As you can see, we had a blast Battling it out. The Song is “Danco du creu” by MC Creu. I had seen this choreography on youtube from another party which gave me a lot of help. I want to Thank those Zumba instructors for sharing there ideas! I hope you enjoy it! 4/30/2010


Danny Cortes says:

Danca du creu

Danny Cortes says:

The name of the song is dance du creo

dalleblas says:

can you please give me the name of this number. I love this song.
hope to hear you soon.

kvailes356 says:

Love this! I try to do battles in all of my classes this one is AWESOME!!!

pandygal says:

Awesome video. Awesome battle dance. So much fun!

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