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From Rio de Janeiro to Niterói and then to San Francisco and Toyko and back to Brazil… Happy new year! Track Listings: Orelha Negra “Round 4 Round” AjxBeats “The Attack” Monk “Saudade” and “Essai 110412” Krewella “Killin’ It” Astronote “90’s Love” © YAK FILMS 2013


Lucid TheSoulShifter says:

really liked this episode! good stuff guys!

Rafael Zansávio says:


Destiny Valentin says:


rkoboy121 says:

I Love YakFilms!!!!!!!!

rkoboy121 says:

This Is Hella Raw!!!!!!!!!

jrcolacola says:

You must not watch many dance vids…..

jrcolacola says:

I came for the ass….

S3OoODY313 says:

Les Twins best

SilverRadiant says:

Monk - Saudade

You’re welcome (: …

Skyhighblu says:

YIKES! Well I tell y’all 1 thing, my black ass is going down to Brazil 2014 World Cup baby!!!! Might not make it back omgoodness gracious!

Carolina Guimarães says:

Luved to see my city Niterói being part of one of your videos. Got to this video though a search for Les Twins videos, luved the “surprise” of watching Niterói, Lapa, Ipanema…Good work! If you come back to Niterói, pay a visit to my family, we’ll be honoured. =]

Radek Sznajder says:

the best .

MegaJavvi says:

@Airies2010 nope I did also 😛

alexandra28823 says:

THis is the first time i’m seeing some the brasilians dancers, they’re actually good i like Dey Dey’s style 🙂 …even though i only came for Les Twins..i still all the other dancers & OMG Nonstop i just love his moves c’:

Ivan Kosovan says:

0:29 awesome!!!

LittleTofuC says:

Love Nonstop’s hat

AkeemDenim says:

Dope video as always! Hope I can get to Brazil in the future too.

Giotto lopes says:

ki fodaaaaa meu Rio de janeiro lindo não importa quantas vezes eu viaje sempre bate uma saudade da minha cidade maravilhosa XD

Daniel Sio says:

song at 1:19 please? likaaasoomeboodeee

Airies2010 says:

Am I the only one who just fast forwarded to Les Twins part???

Dannnyytjee says:

where can you get the CLIQUE sweatshirt that Les Twins were wearing?

Andromediens says:

hell yeah, big ass & big boobs

Shylphid Basilisco says:

what is the name of the first song (0:19)? please help me! 😀 not is in the song list 🙁

Showoff34711 says:

Rio has some gorgeous females!!!

Medusa Sexsaturn says:

thanks dude, you’re awesome ;)

LETÍCIA Bernardino says:

Ameeeeeeeeeeeeei.. very beautiful.. Quando voltarem ao Brazil avisem 🙂

Laanzinho Bradley says:

Burro and her sister

BrainChildSoul says:

I actually JUST noticed that. Maybe i should start reading descriptions more.

MoritzAK says:

all songs ar named in the description 😉 :D

BrainChildSoul says:

SOME of the song are
Monk – Saudade (0:32 – 0:40 / 1:20 – 2:17) & Essai 110412 ( 3:31 – 4:15)
AjxBeats – The Attack (0:42 – 1:19)
Astronote – 90’s Love (5:41 – 7:10) (I’ve made an extended version, since the original is short)
Krewalla – Killin’ It (4:16 – 5:40)

This song and more can be found on my channel. I will be upload many of the tracks they use in their videos; many of them can’t be found here and I’ve taken it as my mission to bring them to youtube. So subscribe if you like 🙂

BrainChildSoul says:

0:29 DAT ASS

elkin93 says:

0:19 DAT ASS

renwa ten says:

Yak cant dance but anyway new babies if you need yak i will bring from tibet.

Manny Robinson says:

1:28 What is the name of this track? It is Dope!!

Jared Vargas says:

Nonstop’s Killin’ it “bwaaaaam bwaamm”

KeShaun Tillman says:

The style that Larry do is Beat Kill

jerahmeel van Blanken says:

what’s the song at 1:30?

Gerard Skill Armada says:

cash will you upload the full video of lestwins? we have to know it!!!

Anthony Harris says:

Where did the les twins get those clique sweatshirts??

Tyler Chills says:

I can’t find the les twins video!!! 🙁

Tony Lopez says:

NONSTOP forsure was killing it at san francisco!!! XD

BrainChildSoul says:

if you’re looking for some of this songs they are right on my channel 🙂

CheeKKo Amor says:

Krewalla -Killing It

l2ap70r says:

les twins are the best

Eciplise says:

What’s the song at 4:28

MrDanee91 says:

6:13 I thought the vid is laggin lol 


Love this!! Yak Films ROCK & much RESPECT

Daquan Moore says:

5:50…. is tha coolest part in this video

MrBawsT2 says:

Astronote “90’s Love” 

germielrey says:

0:51 who is that guy? and the lil guy at 0:44?

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