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Yanet Fuentes Cuban dancer based in London destroys the stamina of her partner with sexy moves and revved up innuendo. Dance song: La Malanga by Eddie Palmieri.


hnthurston01 says:

That was amazing!!!! Wow I saw it and I was like its probably lame but when I watch it I think I swallowed a fly bc my mouth was open to wide!

hasanyardimci47 says:

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Kirsten Knibbs says:

What is this song called

trio3d says:

Radio MaliBOOOOMBOOOM girl

Lyns Goth says:

It’s Nilson and Deisy’s Steps and Music :@

elizacal94 says:

Amazing! Great chemistry! 🙂

dayatorresily says:

Wowww !

musicgirlforrever says:

wooww lovely ;DD

bobsun11 says:

One of the best salsa performances on So u think u can dance 🙂

raqubn100 says:

She can dance her ass off she pisses darling que viva la musica Cubana

Rainbow Chan says:

OMG!! I m amazed.

ForroDancingLessons says:

I agree this is amazing!

Mentor1954 says:

Don’t worry! The aspect ratio isn’t correct with this video. Watch her here: watch?v=furTcCPpTBA

Sipinza says:

El baile y la musica latina son lo mejor de todo el mundo!!!!

mar bdc says:

wow ..

TheJazzydrummer says:


JinaJinaBoBina says:

I feel fat.

dragonkurt1 says:

Is there a limit to how much you can’t wear? Lol

raquelcesi13 says:

OMG I LOVE CUBANS lolz…I wish I could dance like her =]…CANT BELIEVE SHE DIDNT WAN

LaRubiCubana says:

no lo podia creer que ella no gano eso! nadie saber bailar como los latinos ademas los cubanos!!

newsreeldemocracy says:

That’s why probably they didn’t win! But in this competition you were not able to choose your partner, I think. 

bethiame says:

its gd. bt looks weird with the guy shorter than the girl xD

johnny6ist says:

freaking awsome lol i love been cuban. Ellos estan locos

pookielychee says:

She’s so SEXY!

documentaryunit says:

The song is La Malanga by Eddie Palmieri.

Priscille EC says:

she is soooo pretty nd dnt get me started on the body…shes got the body of a goddess…shes an icon

Priscille EC says:

fank you for asking dis coz i was looking for dat song all over the internet as well nd i stil cant find it…tough luck i guess

mariasousadias says:

can someone tell me what’s the name of the song ?thanks

ASacredSpirit says:

he could not keep up

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