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Ustream broadcast of World Latin Dance Cup 2011 – 1st Half This is the finals for the 3 day spectacular event. Watch the best in the world compete at the Wor…


Actionnelll says:

Thats what I was going to say the echo is preventing us from hearing what he is saying and he’s boring and talks too much.

Simo Ettabib says:

Does Anyone know the name of the last song of this 1st half please At the end outro?

missbrownies90 says:

host sucks!

Flores Flores says:

Thanks for sharing this video. So nice!

kênia Luiza says:

sergiio bayla muy bielooooooooo adorooooooooooooooooooooooo ver sergio baylar

oreo2725 says:

I love Casaba and Serena!

eduardo75867 says:

graxias ernesto y maritza por deleitarnos con esa bella rutina y gran elegancia saludos arriba mexico

irving gomez says:

Mexico!! Oaxaca!!

Edder Rottor says:

sin duda los mejores son los MEXICANOS I LOVE ERNESTO Y MARITZA

Deniz Sevenn says:

LINDA AYENTES yo uare amazing

Deniz Sevenn says:

Luis & Maritza, i love 2 cha cha routine thank you

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