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I like all my touchdowns better with Salsa!!!


TheGustavo13 says:


minerglee miner says:

My last name is cruz

Ben Stiller says:

0:54 no i don’t want the ball i wanna salsa!

dorthy758 says:

how’s it gay

LucidDreamZzZ says:

Soca Salsa

kellerbear40 says:

what’s the name of that song?

basketballchick104 says:

my bf made a touchdown in his championship game, and did this dance. so proud.

KrAZxTaYL0r says:

Iron Mike my father is a Dark skinned Puerto Rican and im a lightskinned Puerto Rican its basically how u were raised


im confused tho,, because Victor Cruz Father is BLACK,, so he’s not 100% Puerto Rican, he’s half BLACK, & most light skin Puerto Ricans dont like dark skin Puerto Ricans & dark skin people period…. so why is Puerto Ricans embracing this HALF ASS HISPANIC ??

catlillith says:

That’s one funny dance

hellokdids says:

this video isn’t long enough 😉

jason idgaf says:

i love victor cruz but that dance is gay as hell


Where was the salsa MONDAY NIGHT VS THE SKINS???

MrlRaizen says:

Shut yo asses up yall hatin caz u cant salsa dance fucking bitches

vv222100 says:

Im a Giants fan personally but i do see where you’re coming from, he probably does it because he knows he has plenty of fans watching him. As for the players on the other team, not only is the player going to suffer consequences, the team will suffer a penalty.

collineverson says:

So sick of the salsa dance… How about he mix celebrations up like Ochocinco did. Nobody freakin cares about the gay salsa dance anymore.

Krazey mikey says:

yep that fag dance is pretty much the proof of that—

TheNastyShitler says:

once you start making millions of dollars by playing a game you can pretty much due anything you want bro

TrillNate69 says:

Eli Manning sucks bro,

Duke Hawkins says:

Victor Cruz is Peurto Rican and 1/4 african american. He said his grandma taught him that dance and its a way to pay tribute to his heritage also

giggedy4goo says:

I get the dancing in NY but I don’t understand why if he starts dancing in another stadium, a player doesn’t just eat the fine/suspension and crush him when he’s dancing. I love the dance but in away stadiums? No way.

Krazey mikey says:

what a fag———————-

delancy1234 says:

Its all the same thing, cause when he dances he does a combination of both salsa and merengue!!! DUHH

Laury Robles says:

Go Victor Cruzzzzzzzzzzzzzz#80

brendab1153 says:

Thats my husband I love the way he dance but he fuccen hsmdsome af I’ll fucc him real good #hands down #hegonnlearntoday

alterego877 says:

the best place to meet single women is dance lessons. you’re missing out mr. homophobic

ThetTr1ckSt3rs says:

the music just makes it look gay..

iiTzGaming100 says:

Thats why he has a girlfriend

kalnixx24 says:

He is Def Gay prolly does this dance for his boyfriend

tliangm3 says:

Throughout his career? Dude only started playing in the regular season last year

dubbleues says:

A merengue song? He’s dancin salsa not merengue . Get ur music straight.

88thballer says:


notchoonghuh says:

mfw I watched that first catch as a Seahawks fan with a jaw dropped to the floor, then he busts out that dance….

woostercarguy says:

does anyone else see the chappelle

cassara2lovely says:

love cruz dance he a great addition to my favorite team in the world NYG all day long.

876cruz says:

nice 🙂

Thomas Pecoraro says:

Get ready to add tonight’s in Philly!!!

anaida medina says:

Merengue is not salsa! Please!!!!!!

seanusf says:

That song is Merengue, not salsa

CWSuzukiRider167 says:

i was talking about cruz

Brandon Rafiepour says:

throughout eli mannings career? what are you talking about? victor cruz was a rookie last year lol

aarengwynn says:

Victor is Nice

tash2118 says:

I’m always confused why Cowboy fans watch clips of the Giants! Oh yeah you want to peep the greatness…….. Ahhhhh the good life!

Randolo88 says:

Didn’t see him do that against my boys last week… Ahhhhhh…. The goood life

rramirezvelazquez says:

Wtf. Lame dance? Bitch thats a cultural dance in my country better watch urself

OriginalWangster says:

super gay

xlr8r2010 says:

That is the GAYEST touchdown dance EVER! He looks like a total fag doing that lame dance. lmao

dbzkhalid01 says:

Shyttin on people

lilsho281 says:

My nigga

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