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It would be awesome if you could like and share this video! Thanks for watching :D! Facebook: SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baau…


glitchnlife says:

this new thing was just a way for some college students to act dumb ass helll one day and it ended up catching on or so i was told

Drew Bryant says:

It was a dance that originated in Harlem, New York in the late 20th century that white people remade into this. You can find the actual Harlem Shake by searching “How to do the actual Harlem Shake.”

6124279 says:

What is the “Harlem Shake”, like I just heard of it very recent, sorry looks stupid but what is the story for this Harlem Shake thing ?

daniel isai says:

necesito su ayuda amigos. necesito que mi video sea visto y difundido entre sus amigos para que me ayuden a localizar a la chica que se encuentra en el video.

saia sox says:

and i hope someone roll you over with his car

saia sox says:

and i respect your opinion , but i hate you and go kill yourself

jojorocker1 says:

What’s up with the girl in black petting the animals in the last 2 clips?

nunumontana4life says:


Diego Ruiz Arenas says:

And the Dog: WTF!!

Maritza Mancilla says:

The last two videos had the same girl petting the owl

mommyfatsack says:

Who else came for the Canadian tits?

juan carlos quiñones says:


Evan Wong says:

The dog is so confused

Robert Willis says:

The wolf on the table wanted to have some fun.;)

Chris Caballero says:

I love Harlem Shake

Alexandria Carnate says:

LOL 1:40

Tatiana L says:

5:08, the girl just petting the toy….

chieftaincheer97 says:

He didnt he had his dog

Logan R says:

And another thing you can’t do the Harlem Shake alone

Logan R says:

2:10 car to the right. Like when you see the front

Tangle Heart says:

Laugh out Loud 0:54!!! I like the one on the table!!!
It looks like a kitty…! Or a wolf…! Either one’s okay with me!!!

Priscila Michelle says:

2:30 lol someone is giving a blowjob to perri yee

mikeymike1792 says:

So. Who was brought here by the thumbnail?

John Brigham says:

finally stoner harlem shake 1:40

alcojigmpfi says:


George Rodriguez says:

2:54 wack as hell they have the custom on stupid people

ACTjones24 says:

Dub V U !

ricoton001 says:

1:19 hahhahaha

kate kelley says:


Cheese Nugget says:

Check out my Harlem Shake! /watch?v=uDAkpa0KyUY

Genipou22 says:


sexpanther1972 says:

Loving the the guys dressed in animal suits. still not tired of H S

jean-pierre beneschi says:

wtf ??

ignacio della says:


breakingbenjamin721 says:

the wolf next to the fridge with the container became a bartender. 1:02

David Wilkinson says:

Poor dog…

Jollyhack says:

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Elkin prada says:

muuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy chistoso

Antek Bigucki says:

new generation harlem shake ;D ! /watch?v=R1Fyqkf5u1o&

56cuteangel says:


smileyculture says:

lots of shite

Jacob Hamblin says:

Love the unicorn USA xD

inaya phillips says:

the guy on at 2.02 on the piano lmao

gers2013 says:

Que cancion mas sensualona como mi unicornio que vomita nutella 🙂

EmmieGraneyxo says:

Awwww that lol boy

David Cossaboon says:

5:36 looks like the unicorn in a vid by Kesha, can’t remember which one

David Cossaboon says:

I’m gonna go do this in the middle of the road now!!!!

maxflores891 says:

Style Harlem Shake .*.

Erwteumenh kardia says:

/watch?v=lts46Dz1PdQ (Top Harlem Shake)

Byron Fuentes says:

harlem shake *_*

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